2022/2023 Annual Awards: Finalists

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2022/2023.

These films, the top #183 of the year, were shortlisted from the pool of nominees and awards winners of 12 monthly seasons, between August 2021 and July 2022, based on 4.005 submitted projects from 68 countries overall. Which means that the finalists of this year have a cutline of 4,56%.

This shortlist will be reviewed and narrowed once again to lead to the annual nominees.

The 3 top nominations for each awardable category will be announced soon.

All of the nominees will be screened in Hollywood, Los Angeles, during the 2022/2023 Annual Awards event to be scheduled soon.

11.02.2020.MPLS.MN produced by Casandra Ha and directed by Haohao Yan (USA)

90 Miles produced by Lynette Coll, Danube Hermosillo, and Kemel Jamis, and directed by Santiago Calogero and Leslie Lluvet (USA)

A Best Man produced by Joel Fendelman, Lisa Schiller, Stephen Tucker, Adam Elliott, and Dylan Tuccillo, and directed by Dylan Tuccillo (USA)

A Made Bed produced by Amanda Serra and directed by Elizabeth Serra (USA)

A Movie Theater Called Hope produced by Ana Carolina Francisco, Bruna Amorim, and Ana Luiza Marquesini, and directed by Ana Carolina Francisco (Brazil)

Adversariis produced by Dario Laudati and directed by Stefan Knezovic (Italy)

Alalia produced by Savannah Abrishamchian, Demetria Clemons and Dani Sommerhauser, and directed by Savannah Abrishamchian (USA)

All Four a Reason produced by Tory Tiano and Kellene Adkins, and directed by Casey Naranjo (USA)

An Island Drifts produced by Jasmine Tay and Kim Mariel, and directed by Vivian Ip (USA)

Angel Falls produced by Nick Scully and directed by Niall O’Brien (USA)

Animal Appetites produced by Paula Ferrant and directed by Quentin Ferrant (Canada)

Bea, Seriously produced by Karen Madar and Hanna Gray Organschi, and directed by Hanna Gray Organschi (USA)

Bellyful produced by Fiona Tagliente, Gina York, and Alison Yardley, and directed by Alison Yardley (USA)

Booksmart produced by Claude Fayolle and directed by Côme Ferré (France)

Breathless produced by Chen Shou and Yucong Shi, and directed by Wayne Yu (China)

Bright Like The Sun produced and directed by Thida Nathalie (UK)

Broken Service produced by Scott Teehan and directed by Chris Guiral (USA)

Cabaret produced by Vladimir Malishev and directed by Marianna Grigorova (Russia)

Call It A Front produced by Merrissa Rocco, Will Sullivan, and Ben Fout, and directed by Ricky Staffieri and Ben Fout(USA)

Callisto’s End produced by Bryson Baker, Aaron Galindo, Samantha Roberts, and Nathan Schiele, and directed by Nathan Schiele (USA)

Chasing 200 produced and directed by Alexandra Lier (Germany)

Claire-ity produced by Marybeth Massett, Patrick Massett, and Michael Klapp, and directed by Rose Massett and Michael Klapp (USA)

Clean Mountains produced by Jos de Putter and directed by Geertjan Lassche (Netherlands)

Clear produced by Jonathan Bareford and directed by Jedidiah Roberson (USA)

Cord of Three produced and directed by Sophia Kindt (Germany)

Dark Lights produced by Patrick Wirtz and directed by Deborah Richards (USA)

Dark Tales produced and directed by Michael Yosef (USA)

Dear Mom produced by Frances Rubio, Jayde Robbins, and Emily Won, and directed by Mel Mah (USA)

Deep Encounters produced and directed by Maxime Laurin (Canada)

Demiurg produced and directed by Adam Nowak (Poland)

Deterioration Of Man produced and directed by Sohaila Lindheim (Ireland)

Die Pretty produced by Scott Langer and directed by Sam Quinn (USA)

Dispatch produced by Aeryn Lee and Gentry Lee, and directed by Aeryn Lee (USA)

Dream A Little Dream produced by Stefan Rollins, Carl Ford, and Thomas Cantley, and directed by Stefan Rollins (USA)

Emotional Baggage produced and directed by Yuen Wang (USA)

En Attendant X produced by JiangBaCiCheng and directed by Yi Gou (China)

Enclosed produced by Jialiman Sun and directed by Yi Yang (USA)

Esther Eats the Bible produced by Bella Gonzales and Noah Kentis, and directed by Paloma Gonzales (USA)

Everyday produced and directed by Smita Minda (India)

Familial produced by Faissal Sam Shaib and directed by Catherine Schetina (USA)

Father produced by Estrella Calderon, Jane Phillip, and Alfredo Ruiz, and directed by Alfredo Ruiz (USA)

Fault Line produced and directed by Lauren Himmelvo (USA)

Feet on the Back produced by Shuangpeng Sun and Xiwen Zheng, and directed by Ruotong Wu and Zhichao Zhang (China)

Feuerkreis produced by Jasper Graeve, Jonas Kern, Naima Abt, and Klara Lübbe, and directed by Jasper Graeve (Germany)

First Time Long Time produced by Alex Advocaat and Aidan McCarthy, and directed by Aidan McCarthy (USA)

First Week Out produced by Dugan Bridges, Remo Wakeford, and Erica Hilbert, and directed by Charles Fritschner (USA)

Fish Food produced and directed by Eva Louise Chaitman (USA)

Flowers Wilting produced by Brittany Saukel and Gurmeet Singh, and directed by Brittany Saukel (Canada)

Fog of War produced by Pam Robison and directed by Steven Lundgren (USA)

Foiled produced by Hao-Wei Timothy Chang and Kyla Brady, and directed by Hao-Wei Timothy Chang (USA)

Forgetting Nobody produced by Samantha Coppola and directed by R TE J (USA)

Freddie produced by Olivia Lazarides and Aidan Manwarin, and directed by Isaac Newton (Australia)

Friendship produced and directed by Lin Tam (Australia)

Gary produced by Scott Wickman and directed by Doug Cox (USA)

Giselle produced and directed by Emmanuel Shiu (USA)

Good Neighbors produced by Atanacio Rodriguez and directed by Lennon Sullivan (USA)

Green Food produced by Victoria Yuanyuan Zhang and directed by Xiaoli Liu (USA)

Guts produced and directed by Byung Gun Park (USA)

Hold the Lighthouse produced by Marie-Christine Toupin and directed by Thomas Soto (Canada)

Holy Sh!t produced by Camron Carrier and Jacob Meszaros, and directed by Jacob Meszaros (USA)

Honey produced by Isaac Ruth and directed by Isaac Ruth and Sarah Megyesy (USA)

Honey, I’m Home! produced and directed by Den Zarubin (Russia)

Horseback produced by Yi Cheng and directed by Shu Ya (China)

Hot Take produced by Alastair Bayardo and directed by Arthur Glover (USA)

How Did We Get Here? produced by Matt Frierdich, Erich Grosskopf, and Katelyn Berg, and directed by Matt Frierdich and J.N. Mackey (USA)

I Am Here produced and directed by Adam Nowak (Poland)

I Have Dreamed Carthage produced by Théodore Sanchez and directed by Cyril Nehmé (France)

I Miss Us produced by Sean O’Hare, Stephen Turturici, Danny Burke, and Marc Barats, and directed by Roth Rind (USA)

Impetus produced and directed by Benjamin Knoebl (Austria)

Infinity + 1 produced and directed by Flo Demmer (Germany)

It Came From the Sink produced and directed by Ryan McGrady and Grace Noble (USA)

Jim of Earth produced by Justin Arwood, David Dunsmoor, and Justin Cary, and directed by Justin Arwood (USA)

Judas by the Sea produced and directed by Hao Wu (China)

Jump Seat produced by Aaron Colborn, Leah Thompson, Dave Moppert, and Dru Williams, and directed by Aaron Colborn (USA)

Just This Once produced by Hollie Bahar, Chloe Dykstra, Sarah Goldberger, and Kristen Longabaugh, and directed by Hollie Bahar (USA)

Kasper & Sophie produced by Magnus Akerstedt and directed by Tomas Jonsgarden (Sweden)

Keep Burning produced by Jiwon Bang and directed by Young-Wook Paik (Israel)

Killat produced and directed by Saurabh Dixit (India)

Lie Still produced by Alberte Emilie Wanting and directed by Ida Marie Meurs-Gerken (Denmark)

Life Drawing produced by Stacey Holdberbach and directed by Gregory Earls (USA)

Like Cloud produced by Xinyu Liu and directed by Chengyang Xie (China)

Lost produced by Dieter Merhart and directed by Ekin Onat (Turkey)

Loves Me, Loves Me Not produced by Double L Productions, Ellen C Burr, Bret Koehler, and Giovanni Mocibob, and directed by Bret Koehler (USA)

Lucky Undies produced by Sam Silverstein, Jeremy Paczos, Adam Edery, Jonathan Kaufman, and Aaron Klisman, and directed by Sam Silverstein (USA)

Lullaby for the Missing produced and directed by Ashvin A Mathew (India)

Magnetic produced by Cyrus Mirzashafa and directed by Mike Waugh (UK)

Mammas produced by Christophe Bouffil, Marion d Ornano, and Guillaume Marty, and directed by Carine Hazan (France)

Martyn produced by Brooklyn Harker and directed by Richard La (Canada)

Milk produced by Gábor Ferenczy and Ádám Ferenczi, and directed by Ádám Ferenczi (Hungary)

Mirage produced and directed by Dustin Tan (USA)

Mother in the Mist produced by Robin Zhongyu Wang and Kay Niuyue Zhang, and directed by Kay Niuyue Zhang (USA)

Mountain produced by Jiarui Guo and directed by Yuwei Du (China)

Mute produced and directed by Wesley Wang (USA)

My Dead Husband produced by Louis James and Lucas A. Ferrara, and directed by Blake Ridder (UK)

My Ex Boyfriend produced and directed by Cissi Efraimsson (Sweden)

My Ghost produced and directed by Michael James Hull (USA)

My Life is Worth Living: Amie’s Story produced by Greg Cook, Julie Cook, Terry Thoren, Anne Brown, and Amanda Carson, and directed by Mark Baldo and Edino Israel (USA)

Naji produced by Sepehr Jahangiri and Sara Diyaripoor, and directed by Hosein Torkjoosh (Iran)

Nèsciri produced by Francesca Cimolai, Marco Chiappa, and Filippo Pizzo, and directed by Ivan D’Ignoti (Italy)

Niebościan – Freedom Lives in a Head produced by Jagoda Turlik JaTu Film/JaTu Tańczę, and directed by Jagoda Turlik (Poland)

Niko & Eleanor produced by Andrew Nisinson and directed by Samantha Severin (USA)

Occurrence produced and directed by Jeon Sehoon (South Korea)

Ocean Mother produced by Tim Lynch and directed by Miko Lim (USA)

Olive produced by Flora Charlotte Lopategui, Joseph Day Archer, and Lucy Nicholson, and directed by Flora Charlotte Lopategui (UK)

Once A Sinner produced by Andres Romero, Gabe Valencia, Andrew Barahona, and Jorge Barahona, and directed by Andrew Barahona (USA)

One More Day produced and directed by Lufe Berto (Brazil)

Övergivenheten produced by Johan Kuurne and directed by Hanna Oldenburg and Johan Kuurne (Sweden)

Peaks produced by Dina Grinberg and Yianni Andrikidis, and directed by Navzad Dabu (Australia)

Phantom Pain produced by Henry James, Hannah Hartman, and Joseph Adivari, and directed by Henry James (USA)

Prepare for Launch produced by Blair Pogue and Vince Williams, and directed by Vince Williams (USA)

Purple Case produced by Greg S. Reid, Tammy-Anne Fortuin, and Eric Power, and directed by David Sarian and Kostya Yezagelian (USA)

Queer Fish in God’s Waiting Room produced by Kristi Anderson Ornstein, Christopher Martini, Amanda Righetti, Mark Lake, and Johnny Egan, and directed by Adrian Pasdar (USA)

Ratavoloira produced by Federico Meneghini, Ludovico Casalone, Giulio Maria Cavallini, and Riccardo Livermore, and directed by Giulio Maria Cavallini (Italy)

Raw produced by Aidan Robert Brooks and directed by DFTCNT (UK)

Retrieval produced by Arman Lucknowala and directed by Advait Dewasthalee (USA)

Reverse produced by Milton Ng, Curtis Lum, Josh Aries, Rorelee Tio, Nightingale Nguyen, and Marc Yungco, and directed by Josh Aries (Canada)

Safer This Way produced and directed by Danny Erb (USA)

Sina ma Tinirau produced and directed by Vilsoni Tausie Hereniko (USA)

Skeletons produced by Laura Moreno, Laura Rueda, and Gabe Silva, and directed by Sebastián Vargas Flor (Colombia)

Skin produced and directed by Jesse Samos Leaman (Australia)

Sounds produced and directed by Andrew Michael Frescas (USA)

Spaghetti Face produced by Anna Maria Reyer, Benjamin Nelson, Justin Boh, and Daniel Mulvaney, and directed by Peter Raber (USA)

Stains produced by Roger Villarroya, Irene Alfambra, and Mario Rico, and directed by Roger Villarroya (Spain)

Strictly Bathroom produced and directed by Yin Fu (USA)

Summer Reverie produced by Chenyun Huang and directed by Chloe Tang (USA)

Tecata produced by Mario Theodosio Gallegos, Vera Amaya, and Andrés Vázquez, and directed by Mario Theodosio Gallegos (USA)

The Blow Out Day produced by Silje Reistad and directed by Rebecca Engen Isaksen (Norway)

The Case produced by Tony D. Head, Eva Minemar, Delores Diaz, and Patrick B. Jenkins, and directed by Patrick House (USA)

The Children of an Endless Dream produced by Farout and directed by Aris Katsigiannis (Greece)

The Crossing produced and directed by Tomas Simonsen (Norway)

The Deadly Rhythm produced and directed by Nils Nygårdh (Sweden)

The Deep End produced and directed by Jack Fessenden (USA)

The Ebola Incident produced by Stacey Clayshulte and Mark Medoff, and directed by Kyle Karges (USA)

The Everlast produced by Heather Hillstrom and directed by Robert Flowers (USA)

The Glimpse of Present Moment produced and directed by Nataliya Tkachuk (Ukraine)

The Hole produced by Ammar Khati and directed by Farzad Ranjbar (Iran)

The Last Hunter produced by Junhu Li and directed by Ziling Chen (China)

The Last Woman produced and directed by Pierre Stine (Belgium)

The Masterpiece produced by Cristian Fredrick and McKenna Musich, and directed by Paul Myzia (USA)

The Meditater produced by Cassandra Pogensky and directed by Justin Giegerich (USA)

The Missed Flight produced by A B Lefcourt and directed by Ellory Yu (USA)

The Other Side Of The Mountain produced by Katherine Ren, Wenlong Li, and Julia Wang, and directed by Katherine Ren (China)

The Piano Man produced by EzraMagic Videoproductions and directed by Ezra Meijer (Netherlands)

The Prey produced by Jules David and Mehdi Haddou, and directed by Thibault Lafargue and Romain Lafargue (France)

The Product produced by Patrick Alan Rivera and Deana Molle’, and directed by Deana Molle’ (USA)

The Ships of Theseus produced and directed by Jeongho Lee (USA)

The Song of the Whale produced by Eirini Valentina Gkounela and directed by Aspa Siokou (Greece)

The Third Defector produced by Melissa Jo Peltier and directed by John Gray (USA)

The Tip produced by Katerina Tana and Lis Kern Shaw, and directed by Katerina Tana (USA)

The Tongue produced by Mario Torres Torres and directed by Jose Vicente Chavez (USA)

The Tunnel produced by Alexey Knauer and Ricardo Cruz Rivera, and directed by Alexey Knauer (Japan)

The Turn Ahead produced and directed by Jessin Joy (India)

The unNatural Order produced by Miranda Guzman, Becca E Davis, Lorenzo Sisti, and Kathrene Gawel, and directed by Becca E. Davis (USA)

The White Rock produced by Maxime Laurin and Cailtin Anne McNerney, and directed by Maxime Laurin (Canada)

The Woman In White produced and directed by Roshanak Jaberi (Canada)

Thomas produced by Brad Walker and directed by Adriano Falconi (USA)

Tokyo Rain produced and directed by Michel Wild and Robert Schneider (Switzerland)

Tricksters produced by Rochna Kumar and directed by Ashwin Mohan (UK)

Truck Fishing in America produced by Craig Holden and Neal Adelman, and directed by Shelley Delaney (USA)

Trust produced by Renee Dorian, Cassandra Coppola, and Diane Lansing, and directed by Diane Lansing (USA)

Umbilical Cord produced by Elisabetta Fox Piantoni and directed by Ivan Nevesenko (Ukraine)

Unattached produced by Lucie Baglio and directed by Fanny Texier (France)

Uncle Blank produced and directed by Christopher David Harrell (USA)

Under Construction produced by Emre Kardeşseven and Birkan Yılmaz, and directed by Azize Cansu Turan (Turkey)

Unknowns produced by Mimi Lazo and directed by Luis Fernandez (USA)

Unthinkable produced and directed by Beth Taylor and Dave Taylor, and directed by Dave Taylor (USA)

Untitled produced by Lin Song and JinNan Wang, and directed by Lin Song (USA)

Vesak produced by Liam Young and directed by Ina Chen (China)

Voices and Locks produced by Zinar Karabas, Nesrin Brandwagt-Boran, and Dilzar Arif Hassan, and directed by Ilham Bakır (Turkey)

Void produced by Gregory Thomas and directed by Jonathan E Munoz (USA)

Walking Around produced by Gilles Bovon and Tracy Whipple, and directed by Gilles Bovon (USA)

War Games produced and directed by Donald Mertens and Foulques Couvreur (Belgium)

We Are produced by Mike Horn, Jeremy Burghoffer, and Bruno Suchet, and directed by Gregory Sankara (France)

When the Music… produced by Alexis Rhee, Vivionne Grace Keli, and David Massey, and directed by Morgan Rodner and Alexis Rhee (USA)

White Mule produced by Marc Clebanoff and directed by Peter Dobson (USA)

WIC 300 produced by Robert Moon and Shay Leigh, and directed by Robert Moon (USA)

Woman on the Move produced and directed by Keene McRae (USA)

Woman To Woman produced by Rebecca Knox, Maxine Muster, and Alexandria Collins, and directed by Alexandria Collins (USA)

Worm Food produced by Thomas Barney and directed by Joel Slabaugh and Shane O’Loughlin (USA)

Yang produced by Zhuolin Wu, Jin Li, and Jingyan Lin, and directed by Jin Li and Jingyan Lin (China)

You Are The Ocean produced and directed by Jesse Boyle (Australia)

Yours Truly, Marguerite produced by Joey Ohls and directed by Mason Dodson (USA)

Zero produced by John McKay and Julian Arahanga, and directed by Tim Hamilton (New Zealand)

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