Indie Short Fest Official Trophy

If you are an Indie Short Fest award winner or nominee, you can order your trophies.

It will be engraved 4 lines, as the example below – title of the award-winning project, name of the recipient and respective category, plus the month and year of the recognition.

After you place your order, you will be contacted by our team to be checked the information to be engraved and the shipping address.

Indie Short Fest Official Trophy

Exclusive piece of art, 9.75″ height, constructed from pure optical crystal that twinkles with stunning beauty. Faceted and elevated on a black crystal base.


Free shipping for USA.

For overseas, taxes and shipping fees depend on your location and will be charged additionally after you receive the trophy.

You may order the number of trophies you want, as long as the recipients are involved in the production of the awarded work.

Please note that our accolades are free only for the annual award-winning projects and delivered at the annual awards ceremonies.