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It’s 2001 in small-town Michigan where 10 year old best friends, Frances and Mickey, live on the same street and worship the same pop star: Aaron Carter

Though Frances believes her and Mickey are best friends, they begin to realize that living on the same street is the only thing they have in common. Frances has a single mom, her body is changing and her feelings have manifested into binge-eating. Contrarily, Mickey is a trained dancer with God-fearing, seemingly perfect parents. As they grow older and more self aware, Mickey starts to view Frances as a hindrance to her status. This becomes evident when the Aaron Carter Tour comes to town and Mickey, encouraged by her mother, invites everybody but Frances.

As we watch, we remember those visceral feelings of not only outgrowing clothes but friendships. We revisit the hard reality of being excluded, especially that first blow – and the insecurities, in body and mind that arise because of it.

Directed by Alison Yardley (USA)

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