Walking Around

Walking Around

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At the end of a road, in NE Florida’s rural countryside, a young man circles, endlessly, around a depressing, ramshackle trailer. Walking mechanically, always following the same path, he mumbles to himself, bound in an inner prison.

Intrigued by his behavior, a mysterious interloper observes him from the front of a shiny vintage trailer. Who- or what- is she, and why would she care about this troubled boy? Generously, with small gestures, she will try to help him find purpose- or peace. Will she find the key to unlock his mind?

‘Walking Around’ is a short film about human consciousness, and unlocking mental barriers through compassionate acts. It is an metaphorical ode to selfless kindness, and a celebration of the healing power of music.

Directed by Gilles Bovon (USA)

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