Lullaby for the Missing

Lullaby for the Missing

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The ‘Lullaby for the missing’ is the call of a tribal mother to her little girl lost in the woods. She is calling out to her, cajoling her with an urgency of words that would most likely make her retrace her steps back home.

She speaks of the onset of dusk, homebound birds, the last school bell, and of the father returning home, of young tribal boys waiting in readiness with their drums for her songs. She coaxes her from afar, to not fear the looming shadows or the darkness around, she beseeches her to follow the signs of mother nature and get herself home. As she calls out to her, she also implores her to be brave, addressing her by names that symbolize strength. Even while she can’t lay eyes on her child, she tries to forestall the threats to the dear one, as only a mother can with her soothing words. It is a lilting melody of despair encased in hope, wrung out from a mother’s heart, for a child engulfed by the deep dark woods. A metaphor for the wild world which snatches away the innocence of lost children.

Directed by Ashvin A Mathew (India)

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