Finalists: Annual Awards 2020

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2020.

These projects, the top #150 of the year, were shortlisted from the pool of awards winners of 12 (bimonthly and later monthly) rounds, between October 2018 and July 2020, chosen from 5.883 submissions from 93 countries overall.

The 3 top nominations for each of the 38 awardable categories will be announced soon after all of the finalists are ranked once again by the judging committee of Indie Short Fest.

The nominees will be screened in the Raleigh Studios Hollywood during the 2020 Annual Awards event, next October. More details will be disclosed as soon as possible.

(Dys)Functional by Adam Nowak (Poland)

1971 by Magnus Häll (Sweden)

30 Days of Skate by Henry Solorzano (Venezuela)

A Strange Calm by Austin Rourke (USA)

Adeline by Audrey Biche (France)

After Life Vacation by Alberto Belli (Spain)

AI-pocalypse by Lin Sun (USA)

Almost May by Hongshi Zhong (USA)

Alyzée, Elsewhere, Otherwise by Stéphane Deluermoz (France)

APPyness by Ryan Turner (USA)

Artificial by Lena Baikova (Belarus)

At the End of the World by Fon Davis (USA)

Aye, Boy by My-Hanh Lac (USA)

Bad Assistant by Kyle Cogan (USA)

Bad Dreams by Stuart Fryer (UK)

Bad Mother by Marnie Baxter and Nicola Stuart-Hill (UK)

Bad People by Giorgi Tavartkiladze (Georgia)

Beyond the Green Mountain by Meicen Meng (China)

Black by Aren O’Kelso (USA)

Blanes st and Muller by Nicolás Botana (Uruguay)

Bookmark by Jonathan Burton (Australia)

Box Office Smash by Phil Dunn (UK)

Boy Racer by Barry Fahy (Ireland)

Bronagh by Jessica Courtney Leen and Megan Haly (Ireland)

Calamity Falls by Hadley Hillel (USA)

Call Danny by Jesse Galofaro (Australia)

Campesinos by Matias Bolla (Australia)

Carma by Sunny Na (USA)

Champion by Grzegorz Porzeziński (Poland)

Class Photo by Laura Niles (USA)

Cold Meat by Mohd Shabaz (Germany)

Coma by Pavel Dovgal (USA)

Courage by Eric Wann (USA)

Cringe by Leo Ramsey (USA)

Dante Falls by Nancy Lin (USA)

Deceit by Jose Lopez Aramburo (Mexico)

Disconnected by Traci Hays (USA)

Drawn Curtains by Marfisia Bel (USA)

Dreamland by Natasza Parzymies (Poland)

Emme by Toshiki Yashiro (USA)

Esther by Montana Mann (USA)

Exkursion by Moritz Brandes (Germany)

Express by Nimi Lkhagva (USA)

F A L L by Vigil Bose (USA)

Father by Suzanna Zawieja (Germany)

Flamboyanes by Javier Montes d’Arce (Mexico)

Foxx n Wolfe by Shaunette Renée Wilson (USA)

Ghost in the Gun by Andrew Chen (USA)

Heartstruck by Ian Thomas Kent (USA)

Here Comes the Night by Delphine Leoni (France)

High Flying Jade by Katherine Sweetman (Vietnam)

How to Sink a Paper Boat by David Bolger (Ireland)

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs by Wade Shotter (New Zealand)

I’m Sorry, I Love You by Elizabeth Archer (USA)

Il Vestito (The Suit) by Maurizio Ravallese (Italy)

Infinitus by Cameron Currin (USA)

Infra Story by Fabrice Briseux (France)

Inner-critic by Tara Tusher (USA)

Intimate by Gianmarco Formica (UK)

Into the Belly of Beijing by Richard Reid (China)

Jane Doe by Brett Rickaby (USA)

Juicy Girl by MJ Kim (South Korea)

Karma Coma by Guillaume Courty (France)

Kathy by Jonathan Hammond (USA)

Keys by Jeremiah Puni (Australia)

L’Escale by Pieter De Cnudde (Belgium)

Llora Conmigo by Camilo Urdaneta (USA)

Lola by Alexander Vlahos (UK)

Lost and Found by Zilong Wang (USA)

Lullaby by Roger Villarroya (Spain)

Manasanamaha by Deepak Reddy (India)

Mathilda by Yaqi Tao (IUSA)

Memento Mori by Luis Cross (UK)

Memory Man by Christopher M Armstrong (UK)

Mr Punchbag by Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke, and Gavin O’ Brien (UK)

Mum’s Hairpins by Tatiana Fedorovskaya (Russia)

Munich 1936 by Fränzi Heinrich (Germany)

My Darling Alex by Wilson Huang (Australia)

My Little Flower by Omar Subillaga (Mexico)

Nemesis by Tim Earnheart (USA)

No Exit by Arvind Alok (South Korea)

Old Habits by Mary Musolino (Australia)

Out of Order by Trifun Sitnikovski (Macedonia)

Pastel by Michael Guillod (Switzerland)

Poopal by Tijo Thomas (India)

Post Mortem by James Todd (UK)

Preheated by Luke Snedecor and Sarah Heinz (USA)

Pusher by Andi Morrow (USA)

Rear View by Sam Fayed and Matthew Duncan (USA)

Red: A Fairy Tale by Nathaniel Turner (USA)

Reece by Dusan Brown (USA)

Ruffians by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)

Ruins of Castle Island by Ellis Kaan Özen and Sam Hughes (Turkey)

Rumori by SÄMEN (Ludovico Amen Galletti and Sami Schinaia) (Italy)

Running On Empty by Elizabeth Blake Thomas (USA)

Salvador (Savior) by Manuel Paz Ochoa (USA)

Sammy by Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett (Australia)

Say You Will by Mariel Sosa (USA)

Scrap by Leena Pendharkar (USA)

Scream Until You Like It by Brent S. Duncan and Ryan J. Gilmer (USA)

Sick Boys Die Alone by Howard Campbell (USA)

Simulation Hypothesis by Andrzej Dragan (Poland)

Something Safe by Shaun Lupton (USA)

Sound by Tawan Bazemore (USA)

Sourdough by Jonah Lindley and Nils Terton (Australia)

Spizella by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)

Sumire by Lalo Gargano (Japan)

Sunshine Policy by Angela Koh (USA)

Susie by Jordan Doig (USA)

Susurrus by Weronika Frycz (UK)

Tension by Michal Starý (Czech Republic)

The Barber by Sergiy Pudich (Ukraine)

The Beacons of Gondor by Scott Paterson (Canada)

The Bibcocks’ Incursion by Alvin Joo (USA)

The Big Red Bastard by Thomas Horvath (USA)

The Bridge by Mercedes Mason (USA)

The Desecrated by John Gray (USA)

The Door Down The Hall by Christian Vetrone (Canada)

The Edge by Rodrigo Tavares (Portugal)

The God From Below by Ernesto Roche (USA)

The Little Thief by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)

The Lost Mine by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

The Master of Cuchillo by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez (Mexico)

The Mortician of Manila by Leah Borromeo (Philippines)

The Most Beautiful by Rachel Irene Wilke (USA)

The Mother by Le Huy Anh (Vietnam)

The Mouse by Liat Akta (Israel)

The Precious and The Damned by Nathan Karimi (USA)

The Re-Education of Jane Brown by MK McGehee (USA)

The Reflection by Avdjin Kutakis (Russia)

The Rift by Pedro Maccarone and Max Franco (Argentina)

The Train to Qinling by Shir Baron (USA)

The Veil by Vanessa Silva (USA)

The Whistleblower by Troy Brown (UK)

Thicker Than Water by Rachel Bass (USA)

This is a Test by Nathaniel Hoopes (USA)

Time by Neil Linpow and Greg Francis (UK)

True Story by Amine Lakhnech (Tunisia)

Two Strangers by Sam Fayed (USA)

Uncario by Didier Konings (USA)

Unforgettable Memories by Zhe-Hao Rong (Taiwan)

Unlike Today by Astrid Menzel (Germany)

Utopia by Mahdi Ghorbani (Iran)

Vacant Rooms by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland)

Vanilla by Géraldine Alluaume (France)

Viaje sin Maletas (Trip Without Luggage) by Jaime Khelout (Spain)

Where Dreams Rest by Elaine Wong (USA)

Who Am I by Iain He, Boyi Li, and Tianshu Liu (USA)

Who Will Stop Me by Emmanuelle Pickett (USA)

Young Lady in the Pantry by Tian Shi (China)

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