The Door Down The Hall

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Two caring parents who want what’s best for their daughter, Paige, have a rule in place in their house that forbids Paige from entering the door down the hall from where she sleeps. She respects their rule, and happily adjusts to life in their care. But this doesn’t stop her curiosity and the nightmares she’s having. Despite the secrets still undeniably kept. On this night, Paige realizes that the paranormal activity in her bedroom and her horrifying nightmares have something to do with this secret. The Entity enters her dreams and lures her further into the mystery of which lies behind that door down the hall. In order to uncover what’s behind that door she tries to find out the code to unlock it, she does so by listening to the whispers and strange occurrences in her house. What follows her is the evil presence in her dreams and successfully gets Paige to open the door. But Paige realizes this was a big mistake.

Directed by Christian Vetrone (Canada)

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