How to Sink a Paper Boat

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Logline | A devastating past collides with the present as a young woman delves into the mysteries of the sea in this bold, physical short dance film.

Synopsys | “A tale of lost letters & paper boats”… From acclaimed Irish dance company CoisCéim Dance Theatre, the film delves into the mysteries of the sea – as events of Dublin Bay’s past collide with the present, bringing history to life in a bold, physical short film. Director/Choreographer David Bolger interweaves the loss of life, letters and missing journal entries to intense, emotional effect.

Hundreds of lives and letters were lost at sea when mailboat RMS Leinster was torpedoed in Dublin Bay. In “How to Sink a Paper Boat” this devastating past collides with the present when two people meet. Out for a walk along the sea wall, CORA (Ivonne Kalter) comes across a letter in the water that beckons her to a lighthouse and its keeper, MICHAEL (Daniel Reardon). Her arrival propels the historical event into our time in an emotional embodiment of a tragedy at sea.
With minimal dialogue, the film is anchored by poetic, dynamic cinematography and a specially commissioned orchestral score that captures the ebb and flow of the epic and intimate nature of the narrative and choreography.

Directed by David Bolger (Ireland)

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