The Lost Mine

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The story of Jacob Waltz based in a real life in the Arizona 1960, well known as The Dutch Man an old miner and sole prospector who killed and commit a lot of crimes in order of keeping his mine, a rich gold of all imagination, spend more time of his life protecting the mine than prospecting, by the time his life was ending, while he was dying in his bed, Jacob tried to clear his conscience before giving maps or directions to a young miner Dick Homes who was next to his bed. In the agony of death the old miner asked for water as his mouth dried, but about the water there was an old revenge, Jacob died without giving the orientation of the mine, and the young miner left with out knowledge of the exact location, but he took his revenge.

Directed by Mauriel Morejon (USA)


  1. Awesome short film, really liked it!!!, the music was also amazing!!!

  2. This interesting story is a great first effort by director Mauriel Morejon. Beautifully shot, the sweep and grandeur of the landscape but also the harshness comes through. Mr. Morejon makes a very compelling character as well, intriguing and intense with an authenticity that is a joy to watch. His music is gorgeous, and evocative of classic older Western epics with its expansive and haunting feel. I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Morejon’s artistry!

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