Unforgettable Memories

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Although a wall divides A Shuo and Yi Qing, they still know each other from contiguous sickrooms in the mental hospital. In order to go to secret base, Yi Qing takes A Shuo to avoid monitors and all the people in the hospital ever after. Night sessions is the momentary me-time of A Shuo and Yi Qing. One day, Yi Qing tells A Shuo a secret. Open-air Concert is a good chance to jailbreak. If they are busted, they could not leave the hospital forever! Yi Qing promises A Shuo that after they break out, she will take him to see the idyllic night scene. A Shuo also promises Yi Qing that he will have her back evermore. The dark night will be gone. Tomorrow morning will be the best timing for opportunities…

Directed by Zhe-Hao Rong (Taiwan)

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