Award-winning “Sick Boys Die Alone” premieres at Indie Short Fest live screening late November

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Sick Boys Die Alone
Sick Boys Die Alone

Sick Boys Die Alone” is the first film confirmed for the lineup of the Indie Short Fest November premiere screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood on Friday 29th, 6 pm.

A tense 18-minute drama short about a diagnosed bipolar and depressed comedian who, after a lifetime of unfortunate events, shares his last jokes on an unexpected crowd. An amazing work produced by Misha Zvagilskiy and written and directed by Howard Campbell. Awarded Best Drama Short and Best Director (Male) and nominee Best Short of the round of October.

“‘Sick Boys Die Alone’ is a look into the life of a boy that has managed to turn his pain into the art form of comedy. I want to continue spreading the awareness and discussion of mental health in the world today, while showing people a real-life situation that depicts how one’s brain can get to that place over time, due to the nature and nurture in their world”, states the director and lead actor Howard Campbell.

Several members of the cast and crew are going to be at the screening to participate in a Q&A on the film.

Besides “Sick Boys Die Alone“, it will be announced soon the other 5 award-winning films to be screened.

Tickets on sale.


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