2023/2024 Annual Awards: Finalists (Long List) – (Mar-Z)


Maryla by Guillaume Heulard (France)

Matthew by Matt Servitto (USA)

Mendirman (I’m The One) by Nadir Sabirov and Khurshid Sabirov (Uzbekistan)

Midnight Bound by Anthony Battaglia (USA)

Mike’s Fine, Mrs. Ackerman by David Breckman (USA)

Millennium Project by Yifan Zhang (China)

Mine by Hesong Zhao (China)

Mingming by 荣欣 张 (China)

Motel Room by Bradford Lipson (USA)

Murphed by Hadley Ian Perkins (Australia)

No Key by Walid Messnaoui (Morocco)

No Remedy by Zhiyao Ding (China)

One White Feather by Florence Rose Broomfield (UK)

Out There by Laila Iravani (USA)

Outside the Box by DJ Pacileo (USA)

Pacemaker by Brian Vincent Rhodes and Christopher Lennertz (UK)

Pete by Bret Parker (USA)

Pigeonholed by Courtney Chapman (USA)

Pink Flamingos Everywhere by Jordan Vescio (USA)

Portrait of a Cowboy by Devon Wycoff (USA)

Private Audition by Stephany V. Barbalho (Brazil)

Renaissance by Yu Liao (China)

Rexford by Riley D Robbins and Sarah Jane Tromley (USA)

RIP by Patricia Frontain (USA)

Road Home by Stepan Sokolov (Russia)

Road Kill by Steve Ramsden (UK)

Robo99 by Sung Cheol Kim (South Korea)

Roots Out by Ivan Knyazev (Russia)

Russick Smith – The Architecture of Vapor by Benjamin Hess (USA)

Safe Space by Ryan Koch (USA)

Sage by Skylar Piela (USA)

Salz Got Herpeez by Ravin Vythelingum (UK)

Searchers by Isaac Ruth (USA)

Self-Made (Something Pt.2) by Tyson Yoshi and The 11th (Hong Kong)

Sharing the Floor by Lily Brooks O’Briant (USA)

She Who Sees All by Gordy Shor De St. Jeor (USA)

Sister by Payten Brewer (USA)

Slipping by Roshanak Jaberi and Karen Kaeja (Canada)

Smart Speaker by Yuxi Xing (USA)

Smile by Jamon Tolbert (USA)

Soap by Lulu Wei (Canada)

Soft Landing by Josh Ohea (USA)

Son of the Sea by Ping Wang (China)

Stefan The Vampire by Andrei Vasilevich (USA)

Sweet Rose by Gustavo Sampaio (USA)

Tenderness by Adam William Wilson (USA)

Teyuna – Lost City by Stuart Fortune (UK)

The 13 by Margaux Le Bail and Clément Beauvois (France)

The Crowd by Tony G (China)

The Field by Isaac Stovall (USA)

The Flat by Conor Bowden (New Zealand)

The Last Nora by Pauline Zihan Zhang (USA)

The Manson Sisters by Douglas Bladimir Lopez (USA)

The Return by Bo Tanas (Canada)

The Rocking Chair by Jeno Hodi (Hungary)

The Sacred Bees by Kay Qiao (USA)

The Shadow of the Beast by Frederic Raynaud (France)

The Taste of the Sea by Xuezhou Miao (China)

The Tenant by Brigg T Bloomquist (USA)

The Time Traveling Beach Bum by Bryan Suarez (Cuba)

There’s A Spot by Joey Hamburger (USA)

Tides by Xinge Li and Ginny Jiang (China)

To Say Goodbye Is To Die A Little by Michele Ly (USA)

Topia by Jessie Lee Thorne and Justin Thorne (USA)

Traps In My Feed by Lubos Vacke (Czechia)

Un Espectador by Juan Pablo Palacios (USA)

Under The Sun by Alla Dulh (Indonesia)

Upgrade by Zefeng Wang (China)

Valkyries by Joscha Seehausen (Germany)

Viva by Steve Petersen (USA)

Wax and Wane by Beidi Wang (USA)

Wei-Lai by Robin Wang (USA)

Who Followed Us Home by John Gowan and Neil Gowan (USA)

Woyane by Jonathan Stern (USA)

Zib by Jonathon Gauthier (USA)


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