Out There

Out There

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A senior in college, Claire Parker heads to her childhood home during winter break while her mother is away. Having not been alone in the house for over ten years due to bouts of severe anxiety (onset by a past traumatic experience). Claire returns at the urging of her professor to continue writing her thesis.

Yet something is off. Her hometown feels unfamiliar, there is an air about the town that feels unsafe, predatory. Throughout her stay she spirals into a deeply anxious state feeling as though she’s being taunted by a faceless figure of a man or multiple men.

Dreamy and haunting soundscapes by Grammy-nominated producer Shepard, bring to life the fear and helplessness of “Out There” lead Claire, portrayed by Jessica Sula (Split, Godless, Malum), as she sticks out a nightmarish week at her mother’s home.

Directed by Laila Iravani (USA)

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