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Sarah Tomley lets the world know that ‘things are different now’ as she dives headfirst into the complexities of real life, the burdens of love and the joy of metamorphosis. Introducing fans to her elevated persona, “Rexford”. The emergence of Rexford marks a moment in Sarah’s career where she is pulling from deep within. Writing from a space of truth and raw power in order to share the fullness of her entire world with fans.

Marrying the essence of then and the spirit of now, Rexford isn’t running away from the moments that shaped her but embracing the scars that made her. Rising from the bricks and rubble of broken structures to being present in this current state of “home”. Rexford is a symbolic representation of the place that allowed her to grow.

Sarah Tromley is a native Pacific Northwest singer/songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles. A multi-hyphenate artist whose work is layered with experiences that inform her creative process with both clarity and depth. Sarah has worked with industry heavy hitters responsible for the projects of Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator and the late Mac Miller. She is changing the game as an artist on the rise.

Directed by Riley D Robbins (USA)

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