2023/2024 Annual Awards: Finalists (Long List) – (A-Man)

The following projects are the annual finalists of 2023.

This year, the long list has 150 projects, chosen from the pool of the 12 monthly round finalists between August 2022 and July 2023, namely 3 442 films from 74 countries overall. The annual finalists are placed in the top 4,3% of the year.

The long list will be narrowed now to lead to the annual nominees’ list (usually about 80 projects), the films that will be screened next Spring at Regal Cinemas LA Live, during the 2023/2024 Annual Awards.


50 Ways to Kill Your Lover by Madison Drew Liane (USA)

A Love Song At The End Of The Time by Miao Yike (China)

A Night in Lisbon by River Decleyre (Portugal)

A Short Trip to the Countryside by Regina Kräh (Germany)

A Stretching Moment by Ashley Dighton (Australia)

A Tree Once Grew Here by Johnnie Semerad (USA)

After Sunset, Dawn Arrives by Andy Yi Li (USA)

An Ideal of Liberty by Noel Paganotti (USA)

Anti-Social by Kyle Cassie (USA)

Ave Gradiva by Yuri Riklis (Israel)

Awake by William H. Abes (USA)

Back to Heaven by Natpakorn Nangnoi (Thailand)

Backlog by Jacqueline Elyse Rosenthal (USA)

Bath by Roma Glova (Russia)

Bediyan by Rajiv Ranjan (India)

Beneath Her Lipstick by Ahmed Messoudi (Morocco)

Benny & James by Logan Vaughn (USA)

Block 170: The First Transaction by Jonathan Plesel and Thibault Zeller (France)

Bloodline by Joshua Mangrum (USA)

Bon Appetite by Zikun Wu (China)

Bowling 4 Eva by Aelfie Oudghiri (USA)

Call for Cassie by Jiwon Lee (USA)

Carelessly There by Rachel Deutsch (USA)

Cargo by Laura Rindlisbacher (UK)

Cash Only by Yuxi Xing (USA)

ChatMrE by Kin Shing Kwok and Ka Lee Cheuk (Hong Kong)

Chiaroscuro by Philip Wan (Hong Kong)

Code 103 by Romana Vujasinović (Serbia)

Collector by Silas Dunn (USA)

Cope by Anthony Sutcliffe (UK)

Counting Thunder by Harlow Brooks (USA)

Cupcakes by Brit Morgan (USA)

Cycle by Nazar Balanov (Ukraine)

D.A.D. by James A Sims (USA)

Daedalus by Katerina Munis (USA)

Dark Cell by Jean-Michel Tari (France)

Drawback by Caroline Bevaart and Harald Swinkels (Netherlands)

Ellie by Vinny O’Brien (USA)

Essential by Thierry Debroux (Belgium)

Everything In Its Right Place by Alexander Clavijo (USA)

Fleeced by Wesley Alley (USA)

Forgive Us Our Transgressions by Walter Richardson (USA)

Free by Lauren McLaughlin (UK)

Girl in the Lake by Max Gold (USA)

Going by Carson G Smith (USA)

Gold In Them Hills by Jeremy Johnstone (USA)

Goomah by Joshua David Goodman (USA)

Half Samurai by Rashad Haughton (Japan)

Hang Up by Tsarina Merrin (USA)

Heavy Eyes by Leonardo Graziosi (UK)

Hóng by Xiao Han (USA)

House of the Unholy by Daniel Merlot (USA)

How To Musical Theatre by Allen Robertson and Damon Brown (USA)

If I Die Tonight by The 11th (Hong Kong)

If I Fall For You by Olivia Mitchell and Kerry Furrh (Slovakia)

IMRC (Involuntary Murder Recovery Center) by Maxi Mastrángelo (Argentina)

In the Valley of the Moon by Luca Pizzoleo (USA)

Interviewing Lance Masterson by Sohaila Lindheim (Ireland)

It Was Us by Robert dos Santos (USA)

Jawai by Katya Ignatiev (UK)

Jeff Hilliard – Consensual by Jeff Hilliard and Joey Danger (USA)

Just in Time by Christopher Martini (USA)

Kiloherz by Jakob Gessner (Germany)

Kindred by Jad Chatila (Lebanon)

Kode PinK & Megan Lee – Sing by Robert DiCaro and Megan Lee (USA)

Latch by Ashton Arthur Shemet (USA)

Laundry by Victoria Zubick (Canada)

Lea Lustenberger – Crossroad by Piet Esch (Switzerland)

Left Behind by Jingyi Zhao (China)

Libre by Pierre Songy (France)

Life of a Stranger by Roman Daniel Rütten (UK)

Lonely Mary by Vika Stubblebine (USA)

Long Beach Vice by Skylar Adams (USA)

Lotus Land by Andy Cohen and Grover Ellisor (USA)

Man Made by Jordan Coolbear (UK)


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