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Young refugee Lux fights to escape a detainment camp under the shadow of her mysterious & cruel sister, Arsinoe.


Inspired by ancient Greek myth, Lux and her older sister Arsinoe are refugees imprisoned in a violent detainment camp. Lux is desperate for freedom, but Arsinoe viciously condemns any escape attempts.

Arsinoe possesses a miraculous abnormality: a pair of black wings growing from her shoulder blades. Strangely, Arsinoe forces her little sister to carve her feathers away in a gruesome nightly ritual. Lux can’t understand why Arsinoe is destroying their only hope for a flight over the camp walls, and a bitter struggle ensues between the siblings.

As the sisters’ relationship deteriorates, Arsinoe commits the ultimate betrayal: an affair with the enemy, a camp soldier. Devastated, Lux decides to flee alone, but the cunning Arsinoe has plotted a far more dangerous plan for her little sister.

Directed by Katerina Munis (USA)

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