A Night in Lisbon

A Night in Lisbon

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A young man and woman meet in Lisbon for the first time and have a one-night stand in a luxury hotel. He is a famous musician; his life is constantly on display due to his high profile, and she knows everything about him. He knows nothing about her; except for the fact she’s done with him after one night of sex.

Over the course of the next 24 hours he tries to win her over by confessing his affections for her.

Finally he comes to her room in the middle of the night.

Cold and distant at first, she warms to him. Over the course of the night, they discover a shared trauma, manifested through the loss of those they once loved. Both admit their promiscuity is a way to numb the pain. Ultimately, both are longing for a deeper emotional connection, but they’re afraid and unsure of how to find it.

They say goodbye without exchanging any personal info. After he leaves, she opens her journal revealing a piece of paper with a list of names. His name is among them. Other names on the list are crossed off. She takes a pen… She hesitates…

Directed by River Decleyre (Portugal)

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