The Crowd

The Crowd

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A boy goes missing on the grounds of a new factory. Cheng Yong, the factory manager, refuses to provide the security footage. Once the boy’s family brings the incident to light, Cheng Yong becomes embroiled in the public’s anger.
It is said that Cheng Yong wants to take over an old factory adjacent to the new factory. The only person standing in his way is a gatekeeper at the old factory, who happens to be the grandfather of the missing boy. As backlash brews against Cheng Yong, his own son disappears shortly after an argument with a classmate. Help from a mysterious woman and a surprising turn of events helped switch the tide of public opinion in favor of Cheng Yong. When Cheng Yong and the mob go to confront the missing boy’s family, the gatekeeper unexpectedly falls to his death. Was Cheng Yong responsible for this tragedy? He is again swept up in a whirlpool of public opinion. Cheng Yong flees, and the crowd eventually disperses. Meanwhile, a body is found downstream of the river, and Cheng Yong’s fate becomes as muddled as the murky river itself….

Directed by Tony G (China)

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