2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: All Films (A-Z)

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33 Floors by Chris Austen (UK)

A Dead Sea by Nahd Bashir (Israel)

A Jag in the Duplex System by Valerie Knill (Germany)

Adeline by Audrey Biche (France)

After Life Vacation by Alberto Belli (Spain)

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

Alone Again (naturally) by Diana Mantis (USA)

Alyzée, Elsewhere, Otherwise by Stéphane Deluermoz (France)

Arena by Myles Clohessy (USA)

Armpit! by Mathieu Nolhier (UK)

At the End of the World by Fon Davis (USA)

At the Strawberry Stand by Gerald Gerhard Pribek (Austria)

Automne by Vladimir Lifschutz and Julien Reneaut (France)

Bad Assistant by Kyle Cogan (USA)

Bad Dreams by Stuart Fryer (UK)

Bad People by Giorgi Tavartkiladze (Georgia)

Bait by Josh Litwhiler (USA)

Black by Aren O’Kelso (USA)

Blindsight by Danil Krivoruchko (USA)

Boy Racer by Barry Fahy (Ireland)

Breaking & Entering by Michael William Hogan (USA)

Calamity Falls by Hadley Hillel (USA)

Campesinos by Matias Bolla (Australia)

Captive by Jeffrey Carolan (USA)

Cats and Dogs by Joost Biesheuvel (Netherlands)

Champion by Grzegorz Porzeziński (Poland)

Dark Tales by Michael Yosef (USA)

Dead People Problems by Paul William Dawkins (Australia)

Deceit by Jose Lopez Aramburo (Mexico)

Dirty Game by Smaro Angelakopoulou (Greece)

Doll by Nasrin Golreyhan (Iran)

Doulas Beach by Fernanda García (Mexico)

Dragunov by Robin Kirwan (UK)

Drawn Curtains by Marfisia Bel (USA)

Dreamland by Natasza Parzymies (Poland)

Dumpling by Qinkai Yang (China)

Ecdysis by Roscoe Portelli and William Stanforth (Australia)

Elevation Zero by Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo (USA)

Esther by Montana Mann (USA)

Exkursion by Moritz Brandes (Germany)

Fading Scar by Ronald Huang (China)

Falling Sparrow by Justin Wang Powell (USA)

Father by Suzanna Zawieja (Germany)

Foxx n Wolfe by Shaunette Renée Wilson (USA)

Freight by Rob Misleh (USA)

From Up Above by León Boltvinik (Mexico)

Fubar by Tom Van Immerseel (Belgium)

Ghost in the Gun by Andrew Chen (USA)

Heartstruck by Ian Thomas Kent (USA)

Here Comes the Night by Delphine Leoni (France)

Here Cut Salon by Kenneth Ma (USA)

Here’s to the Mammoth by Toni Heye (Germany)

High Flying Jade by Katherine Sweetman (Vietnam)

Him and Her by Daria Geller (Israel)

Hipersensoria by Isaac Zambra and Jose Luis Gil Bolio (Mexico)

Hot Take by Arthur Glover (USA)

How’dy! by Keene McRae (USA)

I Have Dreamed Carthage by Cyril Nehmé (France)

I Still Am by Simon O’Keefe and Tara Lynn Rye (USA)

I Walk On by Dorota Fórmanowska (Poland)

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs by Wade Shotter (New Zealand)

Ilsa by Willi Patton (USA)

Incognito by Jacky Song (USA)

Inevitability or How Dima Fell In Love with Inna by Anzor Mulkoev (Russia)

Infinitus by Cameron Currin (USA)

Into the Belly of Beijing by Ricky Reid (China)

Jane Doe by Brett Rickaby (USA)

Juicy Girl by MJ Kim (South Korea)

June by Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand)

L’Escale by Pieter De Cnudde (Belgium)

Life… by Mirlande Amazan (USA)

Lockbox by Jake Noecker (USA)

Lullaby by Roger Villarroya (Spain)

Manasanamaha by Deepak Reddy (India)

McCrorey Rd. by Shane Coffey (USA)

Merpeople by Qunio Nozawa (Japan)

Miyagi & Andy Panda – Yamakasi by Egor Tarasov and Vladimir Ivanov (Russia)

Monsters and Muses by Grace Van Dien (USA)

Morning Flavors by Damir Yaqouti and Hassan Yaqouti (Morocco)

Mum’s Hairpins by Tatiana Fedorovskaya (Russia)

My Darling Alex by Wilson Huang (Australia)

Nemesis by Tim Earnheart (USA)

Orbital Christmas by Mitsuyasu Sakai (Japan)

Out of Breath by Sojeong Yoon (South Korea)

Pap’s Manifesto by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark (USA)

Pare by Lauren Sick (USA)

Pastel by Michael Guillod (Switzerland)

Perdition by Paul N Foster (USA)

Piece of Mind by Oliver Lavery-Farag (UK)

Pit Stop by Cody Lee Brown (USA)

Playing with Fire by Jacob Andres Padilla (USA)

Post Mortem by James Todd (UK)

Preheated by Luke Snedecor and Sarah Heinz (USA)

Pseudonym by Paul Boyd (USA)

Pusher by Andi Morrow (USA)

Puzzled Path by Kenneth Ma (USA)

Rock Hard with the Clown by Tyler Kirby (USA)

Ruffians by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)

Saigon Sentinal by Chris Noltekuhlmann (Germany)

Sammy by Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett (Australia)

Shevolution by Seidy Lopez (USA)

Sick Boys Die Alone by Howard Campbell (USA)

Simulation Hypothesis by Andrzej Dragan (Poland)

Sole Searching in San Francisco by Peter Allas and Eric David Tippett (USA)

Sonant by Vik Ramen (USA)

Sound by Tawan Bazemore (USA)

Still With You by Ryan Livesay (USA)

Sumire by Lalo Gargano (Japan)

Sunny Afternoon by Rickie O’Neill (Ireland)

Symptoms May Include Shortness of Breath by Ben Hess (USA)

Tension by Michal Starý (Czech Republic)

The Ballad of Emma Wright by Carlos Diaz (USA)

The Barber by Sergiy Pudich (Ukraine)

The Big Red Bastard by Thomas Horvath (USA)

The Black Kite by I-Hui Lee (Taiwan)

The Bridge by Mercedes Mason (USA)

The Curse of Stone Hill by Dale Fabrigar (USA)

The Door Down The Hall by Christian Vetrone (Canada)

The Feeding by Isaac Ruth (USA)

The King of Nowhere by Victor Harder Hesel (Denmark)

The Last Supper by Michael Risley (USA)

The Last Thing That Dies by Jacob Wahlqvist (Sweden)

The Little Thief by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)

The Lost Mine by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

The Master of Cuchillo by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez (Mexico)

The Mortician of Manila by Leah Borromeo (Philippines)

The Mother by Le Huy Anh (Vietnam)

The Phoenix by Farzin Nobarani (Iran)

The Queue by Laurie Waplington (UK)

The Reflection by Avdjin Kutakis (Russia)

The Rift by Pedro Maccarone and Max Franco (Argentina)

The Smuggler by Adrian Serecut (Romania)

The Time Travelers’ Dilemma by Nico Nepola (USA)

The Train to Qinling by Shir Baron (USA)

The Valravn by Spencer Hetherington (Canada)

The Vow by Charles Sweeney (USA)

There by Wu Yu Fen (Taiwan)

Three Stops by Tati Golykh and Anton Ernst (USA)

Time by Neil Linpow and Greg Francis (UK)

Toad by Hongshi Zhong (USA)

Tomorrow by Mohammad Shihab Uddin (Bangladesh)

Too Damn Long by Ian Lettire (USA)

Uncario by Didier Konings (USA)

Unemployment Hotline by Nikos Campbell (USA)

Unlike Today by Astrid Menzel (Germany)

Vacant Rooms by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland)

Vanilla by Géraldine Alluaume (France)

Waiting for Deading by Paul Sestakov (USA)

Wellspring by Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines)

Where Dreams Rest by Elaine Wong (USA)

Will You Marry Me by Issah Contractor (Canada)

Windup by Yibing Jiang (USA)

With a Woman Like You by Rakel Conk (Peru)

Young Lady in the Pantry by Tian Shi (China)

Your One And Only by Alice Biletska (USA)

Zealandia by Bruno du Bois (New Zealand)

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