2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: Block 1.9 – Horror & Fantasies

January 25th -31st, 2022

The Valravn

“The Valravn” is a dramatic fantasy horror film based on Danish folklore. Set in the Viking age, it tells the story of a man named Einar, desperate to save his deathly ill wife, Hulda. With nowhere else to turn he seeks out a dark and mysterious creature known as a Valravn, with whom he bargains to save her life … but it comes at a horrific cost.

Directed by Spencer Hetherington (Canada)

Doulas Beach

A pregnant young woman finds a community of women who welcome her on a desolate beach, but when she gives birth to her baby, she realizes that nothing is what it seems.

Directed by Fernanda García (Mexico)


A strange discovery leaves a woman haunted by her husband’s absence.

Directed by Lauren Sick (USA)


Seth and Hannah Baker investigate a strange audio file sent by a mother who is looking for her missing daughter, Marissa. As they listen to the audio file, they discover the grim truth about Marissa and why she went missing.

Directed by Vik Ramen (USA)

The Curse of Stone Hill

When a young girl, Lauren Foley, turns eighteen, she has her adoption records opened in search of her birth mother. Her quest leads her to an old haunted estate where her mother grew up and was last seen. The caretaker Edward Barnes (played by Michael Paré), holds the key to her mother and the houses’ dark secret.

Directed by Dale Fabrigar (USA)