2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: Block 3.10 – Other Indies

January 25th -31st, 2022

At the Strawberry Stand

A guy passes by a Strawberry Stand, stops to buy a basket. His daydream starts when he immediatelly falls in love on first sight with the sales woman. Will his future- vison make him smarter?

Directed by Gerald Gerhard Pribek (Austria)

The Last Thing That Dies

Hans, an 80 year old man living his life alone and bound by routine is forced out of his comfort zone when a young girl comes knocking on his door looking for her lost cast.

Directed by Jacob Wahlqvist (Sweden)

I Have Dreamed Carthage

Maïa, a young opera singer, is on stage for her first performance. As she starts singing the main aria from “Dido and Aeneas”, she finds herself struck with an epiphany moment.

Directed by Cyril Nehmé (France)

Sole Searching in San Francisco

When meaning seems to slip out of Jim Kirk’s grasp, his best friend Eric suggests he seeks connection to others. When Jim’s belief in connection to others disappears. He starts believing everyone is just a part of his dream… and consumptive tendencies take over.

Directed by Peter Allas and Eric David Tippett (USA)

A jag in the duplex system

A Jag in the Duplex System

Heartache, cocaine and dreams. The chronicle of a one-night-stand.

Directed by Valerie Knill (Germany)

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son

Jairo had his romantic afternoon well planned until the Damned Blonde’s Son appeared in the neighborhood.

Directed by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)