2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: Block 2.10 – Other Mysteries

January 25th -31st, 2022


A 19th century, agrarian mother must take a dark risk to save her children.

Directed by Josh Litwhiler (USA)

Playing with Fire

After a barn fire kills their parents, siblings Henry and Hattie’s bond is tested by Hattie’s domineering fiancé, as they fight over control of the farm.

Directed by Jacob Andres Padilla (USA)

The Feeding

A pandemic exposes a woman’s dark secret.

Directed by Isaac Ruth (USA)


In a nuclear fallout shelter a prisoner, whose genetic composition has been altered by radiation, is being kept as a test subject for a potential vaccine against the elements.

Directed by Jeffrey Carolan (USA)


Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates in the following 24 hours. This one day in June for the couple holds raw despair, unleashing carnal natures but a transcendent occurrence offers them the hope of new life.

Directed by Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand)