2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: Block 2.5 – Special Screening 2022 Preview II

January 25th -31st, 2022

A Dead Sea

Kamel, a Palestinian man who suffers from autism, travels with his paralyzed sister to the Dead Sea to receive medical treatment. At the beach, he finds himself in an unpleasant situation. A little girl stole his rubber ball and Kamel tried to return it. The crowd gathers and he has a hard time explaining himself, especially since he does not understand Hebrew and the Jew does not understand Arabic.

Directed by Nahd Bashir (Israel)


During the Republic of China, Wang Qiang, a Kuomintang spy officer, finds that Li Zhi, his immediate superior spy, molested his wife, Luo Rong, and is ready to kill him. After making up his mind, Wang Qiang goes to Li Zhi’s office alone with a gun, and happens to meet Li Zhi eating dumplings, so they immediately launched a verbal and psychological game…

Directed by Qinkai Yang (China)


Knowing her estranged father will soon pass away, Mia takes her father on a trip to find a final resting place and fulfill her last duty as a daughter.

Directed by Hongshi Zhong (USA)