2020/2021 Annual Awards – The Online Edition: Block 2.1 – Kids

January 25th -31st, 2022

The Train to Qinling

A Middle-Eastern traveler gets lost on a train in China with no one else but a Panda! She must learn to communicate with him in order to find the adventure she was looking for in an unexpected way.

Directed by Shir Baron (USA)

Boy Racer

Evan Murphy sneaks away into his grandfathers shed and discovers a world of trinkets to play with including his grandfathers rally car.

Directed by Barry Fahy (Ireland)


A boy’s plan to bake a birthday cake becomes disastrous when his scientist father’s latest experiment gets added to the mix.

Directed by Luke Snedecor and Sarah Heinz (USA)

Post Mortem

A story about Death carrying out his grim job in the final days of the world. In his loneliness, he finds an unlikely friend.

Directed by James Todd (UK)

The Little Thief

After stealing a bean from a local market, a young boy experiences guilt for the first time.

Directed by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)


In a war torn Australia where survivors seek refuge underneath the ground, 10-year-old Sammy struggles to build a hot air balloon so she and her little brother Max can find their parents.

Directed by Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett (Australia)

Calamity Falls

After the sudden death of her parents, a young girl finds a portal to an alternate world in which they are still alive and must choose whether to live with them or stay with her brother.

Directed by Hadley Hillel (USA)

Vacant Rooms

11- years old girl called Zosia – the girl from the rich family, who came to visit her aunt in a small village. Everything seems normal except the fact that her aunt’s mansion is known to be haunted.

Directed by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland)