Semi-Finalists: October 2020

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Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead by Korea Black (USA)

Almond Breeze by Frank Joesph Filippazzo (USA)

Apartments: Episode 1 – The 4th of the Month by Maria Robles (USA)

Ashes to Ashes by Julie Bretones (USA)

Bish Pipra – The Ant by Ahsabul Yamin (Bangladesh)

Blackwave by Lauren White (USA)

Buzzing 2C by Jayson Wesley (USA)

Calm Down by Christopher Peay (USA)

Casco Blanco by Guillermo Limones Bonilla (USA)

Checking Out by Ant Mahoney (USA)

Dear Black Son by McKinley Bundick, Jr (USA)

Death. Everything. Nothing. by LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant (USA)

Desire on the Wheels by You Zhidong (China)

Earth 2020 by Diana Lee Woody (USA)

Fever Dreams by Alexa Rae Liccardi (USA)

Fleeting by Natasha Behnam (USA)

Flip Phone The Movie by Donna D. Davis (USA)

George by Roy Boucher (USA)

Gratification by Andrés Hernández Covarrubias (Mexico)

La Arquitecta by Merewenn Nero and Paul Jutras (Canada)

Locked Away by Ryan McChesney (USA)

Loko Jamba by Guillermo Bonilla and Spencer Hillman (USA)

Love Dog by Rob Larson (USA)

Maga Land by Michael Kureth (USA)

Murder by Daniel Catfish Russ (USA)

No Runners by Kyle Cowling (USA)

No.2 by Casey Abramson (USA)

Of Artists and Animals by Hayden Livesay (USA)

On the Street by Hannah Hsieh (Taiwan)

Parkinson’s Third Wind by Peter Barton (USA)

Pauper by Neil Watson (V) (USA)

Planet Caravan by Metin Bulent (UK)

Playpoem Verse Three (The Wave) by Karen Trask (Canada)

Quarantraining by Ashley Landrieu (USA)

Riflessivo, Reflective by Maii Fallara (Canada)

Robot Apocalypse by John Airey (Canada)

runIMMIGRANTrun by Yan Yan (USA)

Running Through Life by Craig Bingham (UK)

Save Me From Hell by Aneta Gjorgoska (USA)

School of Idiots by Sheldon Mashugana by Dean Morgan (USA)

Spark by Michael Gankin (USA)

Squirrel by Arnulfo Navarro III (USA)

Staging A Coup in Apartment Two by Christy Fleetwood (USA)

The Baptism of Brandon Novak by Allison Rush and Alex Russo (USA)

The Clinic L.I.C. ’92 by Rob Crowe (USA)

The Confession by Clark Stefanic (USA)

The Fixed Book Price Legislation in South Korea by Junho Huh (South Korea)

The Mad Dentist by Alberto Scisco (Italy)

The Power in Me by Jesse Gasca Garcia (USA)

To Feel Loved by Angela Perkins (USA)

Travel Today with Lea: Dana Point by Lea Welles (USA)




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