Semi-Finalists: December 2021

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A Relationship In Time by Rickey Torrance (USA)

A Second Chance by Tanya Williams (USA)

Above the Deluge by Allyson Lorraine Glenn (Canada)

Behavior by Wanly Florexile (USA)

Clarissa Uprooted: Youth and Elders Uncover the Story of Black Rochester by Teen Empowerment (USA)

David is Dead by Lea Monteiro (Brazil)

Disarmed by MIchael Baez (USA)

Don’t Die First by Daniel Brian Foster (USA)

Ek Pyaali Chai by Nitin Patil (USA)

First Come, First Served by Robert John LaRosa (USA)

Flat Blurbs by John S McCloskey (USA)

Hard Sale by Keisha Boston Gallagher (USA)

House Arrest by Neil Crittenden (UK)

How She Eats Her Cookies by Anne-Marie Krytiuk and Mihály Szabados (Canada)

I Had an Affair, or Did I? by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

I Want A Pizza by Andrew Andrew Nguyen (USA)

I’m Sorry Deer by Jackie Fiorillo (USA)

Into the Thicket by Devany Greenwood (USA)

Isolation by Matthew Badea (USA)

Keep The Bugs Out Of My Soup!!! by Tyrone Evans Clark (USA)

Live Stream in the Woods by Yassine Agloumi (USA)

Man Cave by Mark Higgins (UK)

One Samurai in Boston by Juan Esteban Serrano (USA)

Project Turtle by Jaren Elijah Leiken (USA)

Say Your Prayers by Andrew Hoo (USA)

Scooter Lemon: Hey Baby What’s Up by Joe Ferry (USA)

Stuttgart Sub Rosa by Lídia Chaves (Germany)

Superman by Jiaqi Xia (China)

That’s Life by Soroush Hosseini (Iran)

The Fan-Addict by Eric Paul Jimenez (USA)

The Sweet Embrace by Brian Ogden (USA)

Toned – New Regimes by Kenji Jones (Germany)

With Friends like These by Kevin D. Mejia and Keegan Ledesma (USA)

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