Nominations: December 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of December competing in 62 different categories.

These projects were shortlisted from an official selection pool with a 41,2% acceptance rate, based on submissions from 26 countries and a total runtime of 45:22:22.

The nominees represent 30,8% of all submitted projects.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The award winner(s) announcement for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Best Indie Short

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

Reshape by Siming Zheng (USA)

The Song of the Whale by Aspa Siokou (Greece)

Unknowns by Luis Fernandez (USA)

Vista Runaway by Ran Zhang and Joseph Chan (Hong Kong)

Best Drama Short

Apart, Together by Olivia Hang Zhou (USA)

Life After by Jesse Edwards (USA)

Maron Doll by Soo Chyun and Yoo Seok Jong (USA)

On the Line by Brianna Devons (USA)

The Game The Doubt by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi (Iran)

Best Documentary Short

Art Without Borders by Sean Fee (Turkey)

Enough by Gabrielle Mariella (USA)

Morad by Roohollah Fakhroo (Iran)

Project Four Degrees by Ari Gootnick (USA)

View Finder by Dylan Lloyd (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Awkward Endeavors by Derek Frey (USA)

Brief by Finnegan Haid (USA)

Lifeliners by Ryosuke Sugawara (Japan)

The Interview by Michael Marc Friedman (USA)

Unholy Spirit by Moises Barragan (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short


Best Dark Comedy Short

At the Strawberry Stand by Gerald Gerhard Pribek and Marc Weber (Austria)

How Should One Wait For Godot by Arshia Zeinali (Iran)

The Beauty Queen and the Pickle Truck by Lachlan Neumann Crichton (USA)

The Blow Out Day by Rebecca Engen Isaksen (Norway)

The Meditater by Justin Giegerich (USA)

Best Action Short


Best Crime Short

Before One – Umiarsuup Tikinngilaattaani by Hanne Sørensen (Greenland)

Real Monsters by Isaiah Thomas Butler (USA)

The Huntsman and the Hound by Francisco Ramirez (USA)

Best Thriller Short


Best Film Noir Short


Best Horror Short


Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Fantasy Short

A Weekend on Foxes Island by Aiwei Wu and Ray Cao (USA)

Dorothy by Glenn Roberson (USA)

June by Dwayne Cameron (New Zealand)

The Dream Time by Steve Neill (USA)

Tokyo Rain by Michel Wild and Robert Schneider (Switzerland)

Best Western Short


Best Animation Short

Bebot by Mark Santos Mendoza (Philippines)

Cabaret by Marianna Grigorova (Russia)

Is It My Fault? by Benjamin Pacheco (USA)

Taffy the Pink Hippopotamus by Artie Romero (USA)

Who Do You Love? by Iris Cole (USA)

Best Children Short

Feet on the Back by Ruotong Wu and Zhichao Zhang (China)

I Am Odd by Rory Russell (UK)

Taffy the Pink Hippopotamus by Artie Romero (USA)

Best Women Short

Alexis by Renata Mellão (USA)

Gratia by Michael Gaskin (USA)

Pit Stop by Erin Egan (USA)

The List by Heliya Alam (USA)

The Song of the Whale by Aspa Siokou (Greece)

Best LGBTQ Short

Fop Twinks In The Rococo Gymnasium by Sylvea Suydam (USA)

Me+You by Felipe Garcia-Pena (USA)

Nobody’s Boy by Harrison J. Bahe (USA)

Best Microfilm

Deep Encounters by Maxime Laurin (Canada)

It Came From the Sink by Ryan McGrady and Grace Noble (USA)

Preservation by Harlow Schuman (USA)

The Jump by Sergei Safiullin (USA)

You Are The Ocean by Jesse Boyle (Australia)

Best Experimental Short

A Summer Day in Brooklyn by Daniel Luis Ennab (USA)

Elatio by Ioana Cherascu and Garrett Schroeder (USA)

La Paura Del Buio by Beatriz Montes Lozano (Spain)

Magic Magic Mirror by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

You Are The Ocean by Jesse Boyle (Australia)

Best Student Short

Dear Dad by Gianna Allegretti and Dylan Ryan (USA)

Feet on the Back by Ruotong Wu and Zhichao Zhang (China)

I See You by Amber Jin Yang (USA)

Prayer by Rahul Barkley (USA)

Puzzled Path by Kenneth Ma (USA)

Best Music Video

Ancient Lover by Banjii & Mayuri (USA)

New Moon by José Julián Vacas (Spain)

River by Jayden Sanders (USA)

Shine by Kimberly Maycock (USA)

Still Don by Lyandre Pierre (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot


Best Web and New Media

Claire-ity by Rose Massett and Michael Klapp (USA)

The Fisherman by Preach R Sun (Spain)

The Trust by Harris Shore (USA)

Best Mobile Short


Best Trailer/Teaser


Best Short Script

Chasen Ava by Joshua Duckworth (USA)

Just Us by Renwick McAslan (USA)

Tales of the Coronaverse by Jay Strong (USA)

Transit 3 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Road by Elias Rivera (USA)

Unfolding Temporary: A New Musical by Elena C. Lockleis (USA)




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