Performance Nominations: December 2021

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Best Director (Female)


Best Director (Male)

Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa for All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son (Dominican Republic)

Dwayne Cameron for June (New Zealand)

Francisco Ramirez for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Luis Fernandez for Unknowns (USA)

Thibault Lafargue and Romain Lafargue for The Prey (France)

Best Student Director (Female)


Best Student Director (Male)

Cyril Nehmé for I Have Dreamed Carthage (France)

Jae-Woo Park for Without You (South Korea)

Jason Xu for Capture (USA)

Lachlan Neumann Crichton for The Beauty Queen and the Pickle Truck (USA)

Rahul Barkley for Prayer (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Alexandra Lier for Chasing 200 (Germany)

Brianna Devons for On the Line (USA)

Erin Egan for Pit Stop (USA)

Renata Mellão for Alexis (USA)

Tess Trotter, Alysa Scanzano, and Jason Thompson for Z-Listers (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Gerald Gerhard Pribek and Marc Weber for At the Strawberry Stand (Austria)

Glenn Roberson for Dorothy (USA)

Jesse Boyle for You Are The Ocean (Australia)

Kyle Hartford for Silver Screen Suicide (USA)

Michael Gaskin for Gratia (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Benjamin Pacheco for Is It My Fault? (USA)

Harlow Schuman for Preservation (USA)

Lachlan Neumann Crichton for The Beauty Queen and the Pickle Truck (USA)

Best Actress

Briana Marin for Alexis (USA)

Riki Yvette Westmoreland for On the Line (USA)

Sarah Alexandra Marks for My Dead Husband (UK)

Serena Collins for Prayer (USA)

Verónica Oddó for Unknowns (USA)

Best Actor

Hervé David for The Prey (France)

Hudson Hedge for Unholy Spirit (USA)

Lamar Usher for On the Line (USA)

Nefti Boyer for Perfume (USA)

Zach Montou for Me+You (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Clare Lefebure for Silver Screen Suicide (USA)

Josanna Vaz for Perfume (USA)

María Argüelles for Spring Has Arrived (Spain)

Best Child/Young Actress


Best Acting Duo

Amelia Ryan and Terasa Sciortino for Gratia (USA)

Dwayne Cameron and Sarah James for June (New Zealand)

Elisabeth Kanettis and Gerald Gerhard Pribek for At the Strawberry Stand (Austria)

Nick Gracer and Ryan de Quintal for The Huntsman and the Hound (USA)

Steve Altman and Robb Wolford for The Dream Time (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Briana Marin, Erik Marmo, Renata Zhigulina, Brittany Lewis, Jae Kim, and Barbara Keegan for Alexis (USA)

David Brzostowicki, Carolina Speroterra, and Fernando Guillen for Tabletop Inferno (USA)

Gil Damon, Kathleen Kozak, David Amadio, and Steve Kuzmick for Awkward Endeavors (USA)

Izzy Marshall, Ruby Modine, Giorgia whigham, Ron Esfandiari, Nadia Bjorlin, and Shomari Love for The List (USA)

Jared Becker, Claire Pegram, Cheree Ramon, and Rylie Decocq for Sorry For My Loss (USA)




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