Semi-Finalists: April 2022

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Adam by Hope Elizabeth Martinez (USA)

Bird Dog by Felix Pintor (USA)

Circus by Scott Feldmann and Brad Colerick (USA)

Countryless Woman by Wubetu Shimelash (USA)

Disrepair by Faseeh Bhatti (USA)

Dream Bowl by Weiyang Chen (USA)

Dresses by Nayan Sarma (USA)

Ed & the Elephant by Nina Mahesh (USA)

Hearts and Flowers by Preach R. Sun (USA)

Knuckleball by Cherrie McRae (USA)

Let’s Link Up by Fonzy (USA)

Lucha and the Ekeko by Roger Edwards (USA)

Made on Impulse by Maggi Hel (Iceland)

Many Dates by Ciaran Jamie Parsons (UK)

Mother by James Joseph Cutler (USA)

Not for Comedy by Aruba Sulzana (USA)

NSFW by Missy Jubilee (Australia)

Piled Up by Sophia Lebowitz (USA)

Poop Shoes by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Oliver Wilkinson-Vega (USA)

Primitive by James Matthew Storm (USA)

Revival by Joe Whall (USA)

Saving Chinatown – The Rise of The Dragons by Jimmy Chan (Canada)

She’s An Instagram Model by Keith Orlando Harris (Kazakhstan)

Sir Benj & The Last Conversion by Ethan Kirschbaum (USA)

Soft Core by Madhav Parth (USA)

Soul Dive by Ethan Nahlinder (USA)

SpeakUP II (Moulding Masks) by L.E.A.H (Canada)

Take Me Away by Lionel Monsanto (USA)

The Dreamer by Daniel Romero (Canada)

The Legacy of the Braceros by Arden Pala (USA)

The Lights of Dawn by Sadie Duarte (Spain)

Truck Dad by Tamir Rawlings and Bradley Wilkinson (USA)

Trust Us by Jerome L Clawson (USA)

Watergate Down by Bradley Oliver Wilkinson (USA)

Whenever the Wind Blows by Ruitong Zhao (USA)

Who Can It Be Now by Sabrina Lee Williamson (USA)

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