Production Nominations: November 2020

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Best Producer

Alex Orthwein and Lowell Glovsky for Shadows of the Night (USA)

Beto Coville, Manuela Martins, Rodrigo Tavares, and Fernando Canedo for Deserter (Portugal)

Georgina Pope and Roy Finch for Circus Sam (Japan)

Jack Armstrong for Final Curtain (Ireland)

Jake Noecker, Madison Murphy, and Miles Noecker for Lockbox (USA)

Lauren LeBeouf for Stuck! (USA)

Marina Ratina for Those Who Don’t Like Handel Will Be Roughly Handled (USA)

Simon Hatt, Megan Fleming, and Chris Sullivan for Hammer Down (USA)

Best Production Design

Awake (Guatemala)

Ebullition (Brazil)

Final Curtain (Ireland)

Josephine Michelle for Lights Within (Australia)

Sango Nakamura for Circus Sam (Japan)

Shadows of the Night (USA)

Tian Jin for Miles To Go Before I Sleep (USA)

Tom Wyman for Donut Shop (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Aline Tran for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Bennett Lees for Cranberry (USA)

Carrie Brennan for Block (USA)

Jake Noecker for Lockbox (USA)

Jeremy Bassett for The Call (USA)

Norah Xi for Sight by Sight (China)

Simon Hatt for Hammer Down (USA)

William Stanforth for Ecdysis (Australia)

Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Cinematography

Alex Guéry for Star Child (France)

Aziz Zoromba for Jack (Canada)

Bhargav Patel for Piece of Mind (UK)

Daria Geller for Him and Her (Israel)

Federico Alfonzo for Final Curtain (Ireland)

Gabriella Megni for Lockbox (USA)

Jitsu Toyoda for Circus Sam (Japan)

Xiaohan Zhang and Bu Lu for Miles To Go Before I Sleep (USA)

Best Editing

Aziz Zoromba and Cyril Lochon for Jack (Canada)

Chris Hicks for Together-Alone (Netherlands)

Corentin Lemeur for Star Child (France)

Cristian Trujillo García for Broken Window Theory (Colombia)

Jendo Shabo for No Room to Grieve (Canada)

Kaitlin Hollingsworth for Circus Sam (Japan)

Lowell Glovsky for Shadows of the Night (USA)

Philip Zimmerman for 8 Daves A Week (USA)

Best Sound Design

Andres de la Torre for Circus Sam (Japan)

David Acord for Hammer Down (USA)

Dmitry Novikov for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Staub Audio for Together-Alone (Netherlands)

Tiange Zhou for Immortal (China)

Best Sound Editing

Andres de la Torre for Circus Sam (Japan)

Darren Augustus for Lady Lazarus (USA)

Greg Eakins for CopyCats (USA)

Harinarayan Rajeev for Sawa (Canada)

Zilu Xu for Miles To Go Before I Sleep (USA)

Best Sound Mixing

Confessions (USA)

Jeremy Aaron for Shadows of the Night (USA)

Julien Campuzano for Chrysalis (Italy)

Kyle Hughes and Michael Di Iusto for Life Without Parole: The Sammy Gladden Story (USA)

Shiho Miyazawa for Circus Sam (Japan)

Best Special FX

Circus Sam (Japan)

Click Next To Continue (USA)

Damien Rowley and Chris O’Neill for The Call (USA)

Fiasco (USA)

No Room to Grieve (Canada)

Best Visual FX

Foxtrot X-Ray, Paul DeNigris, and Gabe Vigil for Nova (USA)

Hansjeet Duggal, Chandan Singh Shekhawat, and Prashant Grover for Circus Sam (Japan)

Richard Turner (Black Lantern), Chris Williamson, Brett Johansen, Dharmik Mehta, Fergus Jack-Hinton, Kara Vandeleur, Donald Ferns, and Frank Reuter for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Roshana Delwala for Click Next To Continue (USA)

Sawa (Canada)

Best Costume Design

Alexander Menjivar for Donut Shop (USA)

Awake (Guatemala)

Flo Foxworthy for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Sadiq Adams for The Anomalous (USA)

Tony Crosbie for Circus Sam (Japan)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Emily Burke and Victoria Dannunzio for Shadows of the Night (USA)

Mažena Pukšto for April Kills The Vibe (USA)

Olya Tizer, Olga Tarnovetska, and Megan Longmeyer for Not From Around Here (USA)

Sandra Oyiana and Lynda Okachie for The Anomalous (USA)

Savannah Oskorep for Ecdysis (Australia)

Best Special Makeup

Alondra Excene Shields for Kalley’s Last Review (USA)

Emma Campbell for A Serious Predicament (USA)

Lily Li for Donut Shop (USA)

Making Things Right (USA)

Mathieu Dausmann for Circus Sam (Japan)

Sajbeena Lama for Click Next To Continue (USA)

Sean Foot for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Vasiliki Spyrou for Naturally (Greece)

Best Original Score

Alex Orthwein for Shadows of the Night (USA)

Ava Momoh for The Anomalous (USA)

Chris Anderson for Circus Sam (Japan)

Daniel Reeves for Piece of Mind (UK)

Denis Gavrilov for The Birdcage (Russia)

Nicolas Miljeu for Star Child (France)

Stephen Gallagher for Zealandia (New Zealand)

Tamás Matkó for Infinity by Two (Hungary)

Best Original Song

“Be Careful What You Eat” by Mike Frank, for House Slaughter (USA)

“Cranberries” by Frances Forever, for Cranberry (USA)

“Home” by Linda Perry, for Home? (USA)

“Julia” by Penny Mac MacMorris, for Julia (France)

“Minus One” by Dvir Golan, for Minus One (Israel)

“My Man in Red” by Renée Jonas and Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

“To the Moon and Back” by Live2Love, for Routine (USA)

“Mirage” by Michelle Rose (USA)




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