Semi-Finalists: November 2020

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#SundayFunday by Nickolas Nielsen (USA)

A Clear Day by Edward H Tom (Australia)

A Kinder Shade of Green by Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

A Song for Bacchus by Andrea Vaccarelli (Italy)

A Stormy Night by Alec Dyer (USA)

A Tent, Drowning by Roberto Martell III (USA)

Adulthood by Tristan Crawford (USA)

After Dark by Laura Sanchez and Belen Maya (USA)

Altered Mind of 20-20 by Elia Cmiral (Czech Republic)

Back Where We Started From by Khadejah Miller (USA)

Bad Breath by Jose Del Angel (Mexico)

Beyond Curls & Kinks by Osas Eweka-Smith and Kelsey van Moorsel (Canada)

Born of Fire by Kenna Stimson (USA)

Boudoir by Ted Temny (Timur Temnikov) (Canada)

Brightside by Julia Levanne (USA)

Bucko & Junior by Jordan Rader (USA)

California Rising by Rob Villanueva (USA)

Call Back by Par Barn (Canada)

Casual Rave by Andrew Paparone (USA)

Cheyenne by Rich Underwood (USA)

Chris and The Big Adventure by Charles William Putt Jr (USA)

Clearing by Victor Hollingsworth (USA)

Closed Up by Julia Gorbach and Nathan Phillips (USA)

Collision by Kast Hasa (USA)

Dark Night by Ira Farmer (USA)

Dead Man’s Game by Raheem Roher (USA)

Dinner with a Stranger by Daniel Fort (USA)

Diversity Hires by Tevin Everett (USA)

Don’t Make it Awkward by Nikki Estridge (USA)

Doublemint Bitch by Trip Langley (USA)

Dreams by Anaya (Brazil)

DrinksDrank by Dave Fogler (USA)

Eight Countries by Autie Carlisle (USA)

Esteban: Driving at First Light by Ariane Baril (Canada)

Extraction The Series by Shelley Robertson and Terrah Bennett Smith (USA)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Fallen Brother by Christopher Cass (USA)

Firewall by Mark Calderbank (UK)

First They Came For My Mother by Rafael Alvarado (USA)

Gazing by Namira Hafizi (Iran)

Get A Job Ya Bum by Stephen Bowker (Australia)

Hamburger Airplane by Charlie Ainsworth (USA)

Hearts and Stripes by Sorin Pavelesco (Canada)

High, How ya Been? by Jef Figallo (USA)

Hong Kong Dialogues by HK Alleys (Hong Kong)

How Cartoons Are Made by Artie Romero (USA)

How to Deal With Loss by Michael Klug (USA)

Hungry by Linda Notelovitz (South Africa)

I Am Happy by Sangeetha Gowda (Australia)

I Am Julius by Tasha Sanders (Australia)

I Blue It. by David W Tang (USA)

In the Clouds by Wooyoung Ahn (South Korea)

Incredible Insight by Kushal Dasgupta (India)

Just This Once by Hollie Bahar (USA)

Letters by Wooyoung Ahn (South Korea)

Locked by Aleni Ghusayni (Lebanon)

Memories by Charlie Herranz (UK)

Misplaced Trust by Cynthia M. Uhrich (USA)

Miss Bonita Springs 1967 by Richard Watts (USA)

Monster A. by Tony Saint Marc (Switzerland)

My Life in Limbo by Anna Fahr (Canada)

My Name is Shaun by Ann Topolsky (UK)

Natours Grocery by Nadine Natour (USA)

Nocturnal by Nicolas James (USA)

Non Scordati Di Me by Frank P Mancuso (USA)

Paint On Paint # 2 by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Parallel Path by Bobby Emprechtinger (USA)

Pressure Play by Eric Bizzarri (Canada)

Pretty by Marisa Riley (USA)

Psyched! – Episode 1 by Anca Vaida (UK)

Put Your F–king Phone Down by Jordan E Rockwell (USA)

Quarantine Night Stand by Ronald Brown Jr (USA)

Reflections by Paul Galle (Canada)

Rosebud by Xavier Leflore and Nicholas Bremby (USA)

Seeing Double by Kaycie Santiago (USA)

Sight of Hand by Caitlin Hammel (USA)

Skyboy by Eje Izokun (Canada)

Stargazer by Anthony Orkin (USA)

Static Age by Nic Feliciano (USA)

Stay Home by Hayden Currie (Canada)

Sub Zero by Kiumars Sarshar (Iran)

Super by Callie Rose Hanau (USA)

Superhero by Marshall Weishuai Yuan (Australia)

Take a Look by Yody Sanchez (USA)

Tears of Oizys by Ramy Raphael (Lebanon)

Tell Me a Story by Liam Armstrong (USA)

The Courtesy by Jeanpaul Isaacs (USA)

The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze by Nina Ross (UK)

The End Game by Hugo Foong (Australia)

The Heard’s by Carlton Heard (USA)

The Last 24 by Jasmyn Green (USA)

The Long View by Ed Vela (USA)

The Message by Catherine Phillips (UK)

The Peacock by Darcie Irwin-Simpson (Australia)

The Showdown by Alex Zea (USA)

Three of Swords by Asha Bynoe-Berry (USA)

Thuggin’ A New Generation by Downy Doxey-Marshall (USA)

To Sea or not to See by Sally Greig (UK)

Travel Today With Lea: LA Little Tokyo by Lea Welles (USA)

Truth and Reconciliation by Lis Cox (USA)

U-N-I-Vs-ALL by Cameron Record (USA)

Unconventionally Sheltered by Austin Long (USA)

Unspoken Words by Scott F. Evans (USA)

Valentine’s Night by Bader Al Shuaib and Jerry James (USA)

Voices From the Invisible by Miriam Revesz (USA)

Waterman by Matt Black (Canada)

Windows & Trains by Ana Perromat (France)

Wolves by Desmond Levi Jackson (USA)

Worshipped As Gods by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)

Writing on the Wall by Miya Matsumoto Lee (USA)

Xmas Evil (Christmas Evil) by Joe May (USA)

Year One by Erin Bagwell (USA)

You by Jess Carson (USA)




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