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The Home

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This is the interview with the Lulendo family.
Lulendo, Bobette, Rhema, Rhode, Shilo, and Grace flew to the Republic of Korea from Angola on December 28, 2018. But until October 11, 2019, they had to stay at Incheon Airport for 288 days.

The Lourendo family, who lived in Congo, speaks French as their first language. However, the interview was conducted in English. As they could not proceed with the interview in their native language, they used drawings to explain further. Each member of the family drew their own “HOME” and told them about the ideal house.

Interviews with the Lulendo family deeply resonated with the “wishes of ordinary people who want to survive safely.” This is a documentary about a “HOME” which everyone from children to adults sympathizes with.

It may be a short story for viewers. But it’s an unforgettable story for them.

Directed by Haeri Jeon (South Korea)

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