Neva-eh: Prince of Black Angels

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In the dark many things are unclear, uncertain, misrecognized, misunderstood, obfuscated, not communicated and noir, creating panic, discomfort, and organic fear. A feudal war over the passions of jealousy, love, territory and power erupts in Neva-eh! This grey mythological fantasy unfolds before there was an Earth in a magical heaven of non-polarity until…

Queen Divinity nearly dies giving birth to twins, a phenomenon never heard of among the powerful Black Angels. As tradition governs in Neva-eh the eldest son, Ramous, stands to inherit the kingdom and to wed his first cousin, Princess Omni.

However, Uncle Lucifer wants the kingdom for himself so he plants an evil seed in Warrius. The seed takes root, causing irrevocable mayhem in the once harmonious paradise. NEVA~EH is deteriorating under Lucifer’s blanket of evil which causes King Sabtah’s death. “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Under the spell of Lucifer, Warrius vows, “Only upon my death shall my Omni wed Ramous and rule Neva-eh!” In this dark family feud, will forcing the fate of unrequited love cause paradise to be lost creating a day of judgment?

Directed by Lonnie Lyndell Henderson (USA)

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