This Is Who I Am

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“This Is Who I Am” is a documentary that encourages us to remember and reclaim our ethnic roots. We often try to repress our identity or cultural heritage in order to assimilate into the popular hegemony without any consequences.
The film follows activist and entrepreneur Jamilah Finley as she informs us about her experience growing up as an African American woman and how she’s come to embrace all of her identity through means like her ethnic clothing business Shaman Chic Style Studio. Jamilah is an African-American woman who promotes ethnic African apparel, and by doing so, she sets an example for all of us to be comfortable with our ethnic backgrounds. The film encourages us all to appreciate the diversity in American culture, to love ourselves even if we are different. This is why the film is called, “This Is Who I Am.”

Directed by Rixmey Virik (USA)

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