Semi-Finalists: October 2023

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#whitehairdontcare by Aishah Iqbal (USA)

3:00AM by Ricardo Albarran (USA)

Back To Earth by Kevin Michael Jones (USA)

Bed Bug Love by Russell J Dreher (USA)

Blocked by Andrew Sindt (USA)

C R U D O by Alexis R. Montesinos (Mexico)

Cart Return by Matt Webb (USA)

Dirty Thirties by Perry Bigelow (USA)

Emotional Logical by Vered Rodriguez (USA)

Erasure by Sahvannah Rae (USA)

Estelle by Guy Mazarguil (France)

F.I.T.F.O. by Nicholas Messero (USA)

From Danger To Dignity: The Fight For Safe Abortion by Dorothy Fadiman (USA)

Get Away by Leslie Lluvet (USA)

Hiding Bodies by Erika Lupo (USA)

Hollow Shells by Sebastian Cruz (Canada)

Love In Space by Jordan Tofalo (USA)

Mysterious Strangers by Cathie Boruch (USA)

New Eden by Michal Zebede (USA)

No, Prime Minister! by Yuri Riklis (Israel)

On The Way by Ziyang Jiang (China)

Prom? by Sarina Braun (USA)

Saras by Jude Peter Damian (India)

Scream a Little Dream by T.J. Moore (USA)

Secret Of Happiness by Greg S. Reid (USA)

Shotdown by Houston Rex Diaz (USA)

Smile Guide by Tristan Winchester and Gavin Winchester (USA)

Soft Spoken by Nathan J. Lee and Maytham Thurman (USA)

Spells Before Destiny (from the musical This is Love) by Akisai M (Japan)

Terroir by Miles Parker (USA)

The Butterfly Effect by Kaitlyn Margaret Bishop and Wilson Alldredge (USA)

The Cradle by Alex Yong (USA)

The Language of Loves by Sean W. Clemmons (USA)

The Power Went Out on Perdue Street by Alyssa Riha (USA)

The Signal And The Noise by Jim Hannah (USA)

The Visitor by Bahram Pourghadiri (UK)

Thieves by Jonathan Eby (USA)

Why I Write The Song: I Only Listen To Heartbreak Songs by Taylor Hungerford (USA)

Wild Mustangs of the Sagebrush by Mary Piller (USA)

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