Semi-Finalists: October 2021

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A Bard for the Ages by Brian Barsuglia (USA)

Alkebulan: Viva Africa by Nora Egesi (Nigeria)

Antrum Ursi by Arman Azmi (USA)

Bees and Seas by Roy Boucher (USA)

Billy Blue Eyes by Tom Rodgers (Australia)

Brain Sync by Jon Kruzic (USA)

Brothers Love by Saad Joseph Gerges (USA)

Bumpass by Brent Bartholomew (USA)

Can’t Run by Logan Shaw (USA)

Childfree by Sara Bahramjahan (Iran)

Come As You Are by Alyse Kane Riley (USA)

Dangerous Freedom by Sydney Schafer (USA)

Diner Discord by Alan Rosenfeld (USA)

Do You Still Ask About Me by Daniel Bott (UK)

Driving Lessons by Whit Lane (USA)

Elected Girl by A Adams (USA)

Estonian Lullaby by Matvey Rezanov (USA)

Famous Gays And Lesbians… Alleged And Otherwise by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Florida by Simon Davies (USA)

Hart Boulevard by Andrew G Greve (USA)

Hood Tales – Sh*t Happens by Deno Brown (USA)

Hunted by Laura Lake and Ewan Callaway (UK)

I’m Here by Jennifer Hathaway (USA)

In Solitude by Cody Wyatt Baldwin (Vietnam)

In the Spiral of a Vice by Skyler Thomas (USA)

Korean Fever aka The Anatomy of the Korean Addiction by Veronika Viven Biro (Ireland)

Layers by Christopher Siaens (USA)

Legacy of Woman: Journey of the Drum by Piper Monique Dellums (USA)

Light on Water: 44.18217, -69.05075 by Dominic Cordisco (USA)

Little Ole Me by Annie Wood (Italy)

Lydia Emily’s Last Mural by Christoph Johannes Superstar Green (USA)

Maybe Tonight by Davis Galgano (USA)

Mo’omock: The Fire Sons by Hunmun (Cameroon)

Noise by Tina Kin (USA)

Once in a Blue Moon by Ani Katamadze (USA)

Out of Time by Kayshawn Wallace (USA)

Pepper & Cinnamon by Debi King McMartin (USA)

Ray’s Liver and Onions – Ad 1 by Nick M Muhlbach (USA)

Reaching Out From Within by David Brick (USA)

Read Me The Love Story by Jackie Chang (USA)

Recovery by Abbie Jackson and Alex Arnold (UK)

Rich Man by Kevin Overton (USA)

Safe Passage by Heidi Hanson and Chris Warner (USA)

Shared Earth by RJ Bruni (Canada)

Skulled02 – The Mask by Maggi (Iceland)

Tales From The Gravestones by James Edward Carter (USA)

The Cure by Denis Ankrah (Canada)

The Drop by Sebastiano Orfeo (Italy)

The Monster Inside by Ashley Hammelman (USA)

The Narrative by Dmitry Kazantsev (USA)

The Old Shoulder Wound by Neil Sandhoefner (USA)

The Other Side by Dong Chen (China)

The Return: A Covid-19 Story by Jeff Huang (USA)

The Returnees by Amanda Eunha Lovell (South Korea)

The Spiderweb by Tristan Alexander Tavernier (USA)

The Whole in Parts by Donna Cameron (USA)

Tindergraf by Júlia Barata (Portugal)

To The Ones Left by Robert Vaughn (USA)

Tommy by Tim Mountain (UK)

Video Man by Peter Lundholm (USA)

Violet Rains by Dan Ahn (USA)

When I____ by Janella Mele (USA)

Where is Archibald? by Trenton Hess (USA)

White Dream by Amir Hossein Nouri (India)

Whoever You Are by Javier De Frutos (UK)

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