Nominations: October 2021

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of October competing in 62 different categories.

These projects were shortlisted from an official selection pool with a 37,5% acceptance rate, based on submissions from 27 countries and a total runtime of 61:11:49.

The nominees represent 24,6% of all submitted projects.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The award winner(s) announcement for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Best Indie Short

Hot Take by Arthur Glover (USA)

Riding Liberty by Cassandra Thomas (UK)

Spaceman by Nolt Vutthisak (Thailand)

The Yellow Wallpaper by J. Kiernan O’Brien (USA)

Unspoken by Richard Zelniker (USA)

Best Drama Short

But We Are by Mak McCoy (USA)

The Reward by A. Roberto Esponda (Mexico)

Toad by Hongshi Zhong (USA)

Unthinkable by Dave Taylor (USA)

Wolves by Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis (Greece)

Best Documentary Short

First Week Out by Charles Fritschner (USA)

Life Transformed: Aftermath of a Traumatic Injury by Bill Chayes (USA)

Making the Journey of Life by Adrian Baragan (USA)

New York Love Letter by Dennis Ok Lee (USA)

The Militiaman by David Peter Hansen (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Biased by Andrea Lwin (USA)

Dearly Departed by Sebastian Ibanez (USA)

How to Hug a Porcupine by Byron Laviolette (Canada)

Pizza Boy by Paul Kruse (USA)

The Snail by David Charles Bird (USA)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

#InstaFluenced by Derric Chambers (USA)

Accessories by Ashley-Dawn Byrd (USA)

On Charge by Jeannie Stachniewska (UK)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Amy’s House of Art! by Karl Huber (USA)

ChickenQueen Paradise by Ken Blindenbacher (Switzerland)

Killat by Saurabh Dixit (India)

Mousetrap! by J.C. Heins (USA)

The Other Cosmic G by Joseph Skillas (USA)

Best Crime Short

A Walk in the Shadows by Kevin Gibson (USA)

Moonless Nights by Terrell Bobbett (USA)

Security Plan by Jeremy Evan Taylor (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Backseat Rendezvous by Daniel Noa (USA)

Bound by Kevin Flint (USA)

Contingency by Logan Mansberger (USA)

Legacy of a Spy by Andrew Greve (USA)

The New Americans by Romeo C Brooks (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Beautiful Violence by Joey Medina (USA)

Breaking & Entering by Michael William Hogan (USA)

Thunder by Enrique Suarez (USA)

Best Mystery Short

Almost by Elena C. Lockleis (USA)

Boundary by Justin Odell Stuckey (USA)

Dumpling by Qinkai Yang (China)

In Water We Trust by Chisom Ibe and Elina Abra (UK)

Phantom Pain by Henry James (USA)

Best Horror Short

Gary by Michael Rognlie (USA)

Honey by Isaac Ruth and Sarah Megyesy (USA)

The Snail by David Charles Bird (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Cognition by Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK)

Orbital Christmas by Mitsuyasu Sakai (Japan)

The Taxman by Ingrid Curtis (USA)

Best Western Short


Best Animation Short

Moon River by Andrew D. Zimbelman (USA)

My Life is Worth Living: Amie’s Story by Mark Baldo and Edino Israel (USA)

On / Off by Nicolas P. Villarreal (Argentina)

Space Race by Shane Dioneda (USA)

Step into the River by MA Weijia (France)

Best Children Short

Finally, I Found You! by Young Son (USA)

Go Lesson by Xue Li Ming (China)

Home with the Nine Little Bears by Woody Yocum (USA)

Orbital Christmas by Mitsuyasu Sakai (Japan)

Reginald the Flying Llama by Lauren Richmond (USA)

Best Women Short

Dear Mom by Mel Mah (USA)

Kid by Sonalii Castillo (USA)

Rirhandzu (Love) by Samuel Samstar Ntsanwisi (South Africa)

World Cup by Maryam Khodabakhsh (Iran)

Best LGBTQ Short

Funeral Queen by Marty Madden (USA)

La Cita (The Appointment) by Alex Kannan (USA)

Mousetrap! by J.C. Heins (USA)

Samson and Samson by Neil P Sandhoefner (USA)

Ten by Romel Lanae Nusdorfer (USA)

Best Microfilm

Fish Food by Eva Louise Chaitman (USA)

Page Turner by Christian Grüner (Germany)

Reedbed by Sebastian Arguello (Paraguay)

Satisfaction by Yvonne Sewankambo (Uganda)

The Park by David Lee (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Capsule by Taibi Magar and Tyler Dobrowsky (USA)

Faultline by Ella Mikayelyan and Gabriella Vore (USA)

Paysages by Mathieu Lévesque (Canada)

Sounds by Andrew Michael Frescas (USA)

Unlike Any Other by LaShea Johnson (USA)

Best Student Short

A Jag in the Duplex System by Valerie Knill (Germany)

All Four a Reason by Casey Naranjo (USA)

Flowers Wilting by Brittany Saukel (Canada)

Like Cloud by Chengyang Xie (China)

The House of the Butterfly by Samantha Ferrand (USA)

Best Screendance Short


Best Music Video

Elevator by Joe Chilcott (USA)

Follow Me by Phineas Alexander (USA)

Last Call Romance – What Do I Have To Prove by Ben Hess (USA)

Nothing by Ryan Rivard, Elly Kace, and Jasmine Mendoza (USA)

What U Want by Allison A. Waite (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Boulevard by John Fairchild (USA)

Hello My Name Is by Allison Roder and Erica Kennedy (USA)

My Life is Worth Living: Amie’s Story by Mark Baldo and Edino Israel (USA)

Sofa by Donald Whittier (Mexico)

Whirld by Karen Illesca (Australia)

Best Web and New Media

A Second Chance by Arden Pala (USA)

River City – Episode 01 by Jal Michael and RC Nelson (USA)

The Lore of Hill Top House – Murder, Madness and Baked Beans by Cynthia M. Gayton and T. Jason Edwards (USA)

The Other Cosmic G by Joseph Skillas (USA)

Whirld by Karen Illesca (Australia)

Best Mobile Short


Best Trailer/Teaser

Dracula – Welcome to D’s (UK)

Phantom Pain (USA)

The People’s Republic (USA)

Best Short Script

Moments by Robert Bowers (USA)

Saint Bernard by Anthony Syracuse (USA)

Sweetwater Road by Myk Watford (USA)

The Curb by Justin Moodie (USA)

The Red Wagon by Sophia Chou and Todd Lien (USA)




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