Semi-Finalists: June 2022

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21st Century Killer by Brian Jeongwoo Cho (South Korea)

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

Adiyah Grace by Brenda Jean Williams (USA)

Al Diaz: Like A Bomb by Jane Brill (USA)

Always You’ll Wrestle Inside Me by Nazeer Thomas (USA)

At Vin Diesels Funeral by Patrick Belics (USA)

Being Born by Satoshi Tanaka (Japan)

Butterfield by Douglas Haddad (USA)

Climate Impact Asia by Liz Courtney (Philippines)

Dad’s Frenemy by Annie Wood (USA)

Darwin’s Duckling by Enrique Vazquez (USA)

Earth Girl by Dorian Matthew Kelley (USA)

Evening Caller by Peter-William Jamieson (Australia)

Film Parasitic on Life by Zhuoya Weng (UK)

Found You by Marijane Eloise Vargas (USA)

I Think She’s From 2012 by Kevin Hyunwoo Sohn (USA)

It’s Coming by Thomas De Brabanter, Jan Nachtergaele, Pieter Serkeyn, and Tom Van de Pol (Belgium)

Karma-rer by Terri Siduquay (Canada)

Keys To A Happy Marriage by Anthony Ellington and Lonny Marshall (USA)

King of the Imaginations by Matthew Scipione (USA)

Leadership Conference by Joshua Kaufman (USA)

Lines by Celeste Hoang (USA)

Lock by Han Gao and Ruijin Xu (China)

Lost, Found, and Forgotten by Evan Kinder (USA)

Lotus by Laila I Burgin (USA)

My Brother’s Keeper by Sandi Johnson (USA)

Never Alone by Joseph Agboola (USA)

Odda by L.A. Rodarte (USA)

Of Archives and Ghosts by Zara Ruth Franke (Germany)

On The Eighth Day by Han Wu (China)

One More Take by Dan Bazan (USA)

One Sip Coffee: Season 1 by Alexander Santorineos (USA)

Orenda by Dahson Jamie Arave (USA)

Quiver by Kristen Petrarca (USA)

Rush by Madeleine Tsai (USA)

Severe Brain Injury Recovery: Shooting For The Stars by Kimberly J Smith (Canada)

The Director by Alexander Santorineos (USA)

The Linda Eldridge Program by Snaff Zubberano (USA)

The Naked Truth by Tim Barry (USA)

The Red Bond by Imad Jack Karam (Greece)

The Tryout by Michael Jonathan Gellis (USA)

Titi by Marzieh Fakhar (Iran)

Trapped by Alam Virk (USA)

Ungathered by Crystal Woodham (USA)

Unofficial Guests: Monece and Dandrell at the 94th Oscars by Dandrell Scott and Monece Starling (USA)

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