Semi-Finalists: January 2021

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3DO Guyz by Jeff Cerulli (USA)

A Christmas Noir by Samuel Mokelu (USA)

A Florida Story by Caleb Scott and Jessica Farr (USA)

A.I. by Yifan Du (USA)

Absinthe by Scott Payne (UK)

Actions Speak Louder Than Medals by John Mollison (USA)

Behind the Mask by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Beyond Frames by Carlo Guttadauro (Italy)

Blunt by Mohau Mann (Botswana)

Book of Sarth by Sarth Calhoun (USA)

Changing Times by Bernie Golias and Antonio Harper (USA)

Cult by Tianzhen Huang (China)

Cyanide by Thomas R Chadwick (USA)

Death In Midsummer by Zhouzhuang Xu (China)

Dragon by Fengyi Wang and Xinyu (Cindy) Qian (China)

Eyesight by Barrett Funderburk (USA)

He Runs by Greg Roensch (USA)

High, How Are You? by Ashley Landrieu (USA)

Internet Celebrity: Behind the Scenes by Wen-Long Lin, Chi-Wei Huang, Yu-Hsu Yeh, Shih-Ching Chiu, Hsu-Ying Lee, and Yu-Tseng Chang (Taiwan)

Is This Queensland in the 20s? by Caroline Layt (Australia)

Jesus Fuck by Maggi (Iceland)

Life or Death by Ashley Landrieu (USA)

Life Reflecting by John Alban Coughlan (USA)

Lord of Meme City by Luke Martin (USA)

Lose You to Love Me by Charlie Norton (USA)

Made Up by Vivien Jin (Canada)

Marvel-less by Christopher Kelley (USA)

Mermaid Bathtub by Katherine Howard (USA)

Mountain Cult – Episode 4 by Michael Watt (USA)

My Chin by August Macdonald (USA)

Nostalgia Trap by Mark Sousa and Sam Gannuch (USA)

Portrait of a Pandemic Lady by Sumi Folz (USA)

Preben Prøver: Emoji by Christian Roaas (Norway)

Rise by Hannah Byrd (USA)

Roshambo by Emma Oesterreicher (USA)

Sanctum by Joud AlAmri (USA)

Sarah by Katherine Howard (USA)

Secrets by Barbara Becker Holstein (USA)

Shut Up and Box by Leonard J. Moore II and Eric Campbell (USA)

Some Day My Way by Dan Hewitt Owens (USA)

Somm by Joey Hamburger (USA)

Sushi Night by Jack Kierski (USA)

Sweet Revenge by Sushruth (USA)

The Blind Game by Sagar Pasad (India)

The Chair by Sheila Walker Carroll (USA)

The Doggone Truth by Annie Wood (USA)

The Garden by Connor Dobson (USA)

The Job Offer by Cody (Yun Su) Um (USA)

The Lost Adventure in a Claw Machine by Han-Ting Yu, Cheuk-Lam Chen, Chieh Shan, Yu-Hsin Wang, and You-Xuan Wu (Taiwan)

The Peculiar Life of an Intermittent Line by Aquiles Cervantes (Mexico)

The Treachery of Love by June Ann D’Angelo (USA)

The Unforgettable Christmas Journey: A Home Alone Story by Chris Chaei (USA)

The Unmentionables by Lance Lucero (USA)

The World According to Covid – or Behind the Mask 2 by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Thepar Kandi by Tom Burden (USA)

Three Calls by Luiza Galina, Cissa Tarasconi, Joe Zumba, and William Stancik (USA)

Travel Today With Lea: Palm Springs by Lea Welles (USA)

Twelve Degrees Before Dusk by Vankshita Mishra (UK)

Under Influence by Jared L Marsh (USA)

Untitled #1 by Liam Desroy (UK)

Valse Naïve by Antonello Tosto (Italy)

Walk Around Traditional Market and Pray to Mazu in Xizhi by Kuan-Yu Che, Chao-Wei Wu, Yu-Ze Hsiao, Yi-Shan Chen, Chin-En Liao, Yu-Xiang Yang, Ting-En Lin, and Yi-Pei Lee (Taiwan)

What The Heck? by Lucy Grossi (USA)

You’re Next – Episode 1 by Ross Heath and Christopher Livermore (UK)

Youth News@PTS: Our Song by Chiang Chih Chen, Hsieh Chia Ling, and Ning Chang (Taiwan)




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