Production Nominations: January 2021

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Best Producer

Czarina Liu for Rescue Master Tang (Taiwan)

Gao Jun and Joe Zheng for Rekindle (Singapore)

Mirlande Amazan for Life… (USA)

Nikki Blacklock, Zachary Smith, and Susannah Joffe for Falling Sparrow (USA)

Olivia Hantken for Kilter (Australia)

Best Production Design

Fubar (Belgium)

Jackson Lowen for Falling Sparrow (USA)

Jeremy Fuller for Kilter (Australia)

Johanne Chagnon for Caring for Your Carcass (Canada)

Katarzyna Tomczyk for Investigative Experiment (Poland)

Natasha Ponce for Bringer Of Life (USA)

Pröwess – Let It Ride (USA)

This One’s for Emily Post (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Arthur James for The Church Up Peaky Road (USA)

Christopher Long for Thirty Seconds (USA)

David Ash for Incompleteness (USA)

Fan Xun Lilac for Rekindle (Singapore)

Margarita Zhitnikova for 2 Weeks (USA)

Mirlande Amazan for Life… (USA)

Peter Zhou and Qi Zhu for Rifle (USA)

Samantha Burgos and Julia Perez-Chavez for Ill Will (USA)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Andrew J. Cowin for Jesus of New York (USA)

John Alan Andrews for Yearning To Exhale – Twenty Twenty Lockdown (USA)

Kurt Gerard Heinlein for Between the Creag and the Sky (USA)

Martinko for In A Pickle (USA)

Sean Silleck for A Good Man Is Hard To Find (USA)

Best Cinematography

Aaron Mclisky for Kilter (Australia)

Edgar Grishchuk for Investigative Experiment (Poland)

Joe Toto for Obsession (USA)

TinNgai Chan for Mary Mary Quite Contrary (USA)

Tom Delich for Alaska Long Hunters 44 (USA)

Best Editing

A Poo Film (USA)

Carl Eneroth for Vocal Painting (Sweden)

Covid, Tango and The Lagom Way (UK)

Dillon Petrillo for Mothica – Blackout (USA)

Joseph Switak for Driven (Australia)

Kai Stoeckel for Uncle in L.A. (Germany)

Nicolas Bier and Aurian de Wouters for Suave (Belgium)

Roderick D. Rascoe V for Withered (USA)

Best Sound Design

Joe Mount for Kilter (Australia)

Pneuma (Israel)

Siegen Bretzke for Falling Sparrow (USA)

Suave (Belgium)

Vocal Painting (Sweden)

Best Sound Mixing


Best Special FX


Best Visual FX


Best Costume Design


Best Special Makeup

Sasha Glasser and Chelsea Delfino for Mothica – Blackout (USA)

Divan Camli for Fubar (Belgium)

Tom von Dohlen for Door to Door (USA)

Best Original Score

Alan Williams for Moving Art: Underwater (USA)

Cora Chung for Obsession (USA)

Declan Harsent for Kilter (Australia)

Elia Cmiral for Altered Mind of 20-20 (Czech Republic)

Emiliano Mazzenga for Landing (USA)

Fan Xun Lilac for Rekindle (Singapore)

Greg Camp for In A Pickle (USA)

Li Xun for Falling Sparrow (USA)

Best Original Song

“Be You” by Nancy Snipper, for Fowl Crossing (Canada)

“Bloodvape” by Original Peaches (USA)

“Let It Ride” by Pröwess (USA)

“Life After Oblivion” by Tina Hargett, Mark Ontiveros, and Nicholas Ontiveros, for Life After Oblivion (USA)

“Miss The Heat” by Debra Gussin and Stacy Hogan (USA)

“Straight Into The Ocean” by Allen Lin (USA)

“The Gift of Years” by Anya Kenner, for The Gift of Years (Australia)

“Where I Should Begin” by Mariella Perrotta and Jen Drummond, for Resolution (USA)




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