Indie Short Fest

Dante Falls

Spunky teen Nova Dante has one job: caretaker to the Dante family cemetery and the ghosts that live within. With her parents away, Nova must balance her work and personal life as she and her inattentive Shinto priest boyfriend accidentally release evil ghosts that threaten to take over the world. 
Directed by Nancy Lin (USA)

Polar Tour

Three university friends embark on an adventure they hope never to forget. They choose an exotic location in the Arctic to go polar bear seeing for their Spring Break. In the middle of their first tour, the engine of the rover breaks down. Now isolated and freezing in the dark, they wait for rescue. With their morale at a real low, their isolation ends with a chilling spring polar bear experience they did not plan for.
Directed by Dustin McGladrey (Canada)


Ashlyn, a deaf ballerina, struggles to keep up with her ballet lesson. When her embarrassment from the other girls overwhelms her, she escapes to find a safe haven under a grand piano. Her teacher plays the instrument and Ashlyn feels its vibrations, discovering music and alleviating her isolation by finally dancing synchronized to the symphony.
Directed by Isabella Issa (USA)


A Chinese young woman tries to figure out her feeling towards her colleague while she is struggling learning a new language. The misunderstanding not only lies in language barrier.
Directed by Liang Zhao (China)

For Better: “Jimmy and Aaron”

“For Better” is an inclusive rom/com and rom/dramedy anthology series set in Chicago that shows the reasons we stay with the ones we love; for better or worse, but mostly for better.

“Aaron and Jimmy” – Aaron and Jimmy’s relationship insecurities are brought to the surface on the drive home after dinner with their friends’ Dean and Marcus, who’ve recently moved to the suburbs and adopted a baby. 
Directed by Justin Casselle (USA)

What People Are

When a homeless man accosts Kelsey, Kent comes to her rescue. After a round (or two) of drinks as thanks, Kent and Kelsey find themselves in an alleyway. The two share a kiss, but Kent tries to go further. When he becomes assaulter instead of the rescuer, the homeless man from earlier steps in to rescue Kelsey.
Directed by Jordan Wilson (USA)


Set in the urban jungle of Compton, CA in the early ’00s, “LiME” tells the story of Deshawn, a young man who discovers how hard it is to walk and live in your truth after he experiences the bitterness of the real world.

Lime pays Homage to the beauty of the city while juggling the sound of the drums, the sway in the walk and the world of Drill.
Directed by Donta Storey and Dontai Storey (USA)