Indie Short Fest

Fáshiön: The Ghost of Luke James

In 1979, Luke James recorded his first album with his band Fáshiön. Then, he disappeared. He made one rare masterpiece, among the most overlooked of its era. Fáshiön toured with U2 and The Police, yet Luke left the band and become a paper salesman in the US. A super fan tracked him down and got to know the enigma.
Directed by Nik Klevero (USA)

The Human Condition

Davis is experiencing an illness the likes of which no one has ever seen. It’s quite unfortunate, really. And nobody seems to be too concerned about it.
Directed by Jon Stewart (USA)

Side Gig

The always optimistic, Lindsey Cohen, is looking for self-employment as he navigates the treacherous opportunities of the internet. Enjoy this one-man show about the calamity and loneliness of trying to find purpose through employment.
One actor. One crew.
Directed by Joe Conniff (USA)

Tom, Death and Harry

Log Line:
A man faces the possibility of his own death when he meets Death, a pretty swell guy, who teaches him that it is sometimes harder to live.

On the day Tom is supposed to find out if his cancer is in remission he wakes up to discover his gold fish, Houdini, dead in the fish bowl. He panics, seeing this as a bad omen. His wife Nancy comforts him, reminding him that his treatments were successful. On a walk in the park to clear his head Tom has an encounter with a strange man calming to be Death himself. When Tom won’t believe this outrageous claim Death must take Tom on a whirlwind tour through his past experiences with grief and loss, in order to teach Tom that Death is nothing to fear. The real tragedy is missing out on life itself while you’re still around to enjoy it.
Directed by Brian Hogan (USA)

Skip School

Everyone has a first day of high school. And everyone has a day that changes their lives forever. Sometimes those days can be one and the same.

Skip School is not your normal high school movie. This film follows the lives of four students as they try survive their first day of high school. Orlando is balancing his desire to make Varsity Football and his need to protect his little sister, Virginia, starting her Freshmen year. Virginia’s best friend Douglas, also a Freshmen, struggles with his plan to come out of the closet and gets no support from his alcoholic mom. Meanwhile, Orlando’s girlfriend Sandy, also a senior, just wants her mom to trust her enough to drive the car. But it’s dangerous out there; something today’s high schoolers know all too well.
Directed by Brian Hogan (USA)

Play Along

Log Line:
A woman makes her unlikely hostages sing a song, but in order to survive they have to learn to Play Along.

A neighborhood home.  A crazy housewife.  A family of puppets.  And a hostage situation.  In order to survive, her unlikely subjects learn to play along with her diabolical games.  They sing a song, pee in a bucket and ultimately try to mount a daring escape.  Will they survive, or is someone else pulling the strings?
Directed by Brian Hogan and Connor Rog (USA)

The Magic Shed

Welcome to a place that bends time and space…where fact is fiction and color has taste. Meet Carl and Ricky adult children who still dream of ruling the mutant with a hideous guitar solo. Whose the dork now, fool? Jobs, responsibility, life…Get lost in their minds as past, present, and future all meet in the Magic Shed!
Directed by Andrew Carnwath (USA)


When a janitor cleans an empty auditorium after graduation of the high school he’s worked for decades, he gives his ‘own’ commencement speech on the night of his retirement. It’s the speech he thinks the graduates should have heard, and more importantly, the one he wishes he had heard when he graduated from high school. No one is left out.
Directed by Sal Tassone (USA)

The Ambush

Love fought for by the barrel of a gun. The ambush follows the masked man as he and his brothers lover attempt to rescue said brother. Standing between love and loyalty stands the steadfast marshal and his deputy’s. Watch as the impending conflict plays out on the bleeding, bruising, winter prairie.
Directed by Jeffrey Altwasser and Jeremy Davis (Canada)