Indie Short Fest

Real Truth About

A video series presenting the Real Truth About about a variety of topics with well documented information from quality sources. Topics such as Global Warming, Minimum Wage, Corporations, The News, Hormone Activity Packaging, Gerrymandering, US Economy/Deficit/Debt, Gay Rights, Political Parties, etc.
Directed by Paul Efron (USA)

Shaky Ground

Tiffany goes on a hike with her social media obsessed friend only for technology to throw their friendship completely off-balance. Is a social media post worth more than a friend? Tiffany is about to find out.
Directed by Francina Morel (USA)

This Day We Saw The Volcano

On desert wilderness, without adults, two boys try to find answers to their questions. They roam through open spaces, without hurry. They rest in the middle of the road or under high voltage towers. They talk about life and death, ask what for are the teachers, about the big animals that died out many years ago, about absolute darkness, about foreign languages and about the news that comes to us in glass bottles. They make us question adulthood. 
Directed by Dagmara Wyskiel (Chile)


A boy with cancer struggles with bullying in high school. After a dream and a message from someone important he realizes the real strength he still has.
Directed by Mahmoud Abul Burghul (USA)

All 4 One: The Tandem Tour Story

Four best friends, in an attempt to raise money for mental health, get in over their heads when they challenge a team of British endurance athletes to a Quad-Tandem four person bike race (the first of its kind!) Determined to win and raise money for their cause, they forgot one thing… they’re not cyclists.
Directed by Adam Miller (USA)

The Daydream

A young woman in New York City gets a startling diagnosis from her doctor, and reflects on her relationship with her mother and grandmother during a daydream on Coney Island.
Directed by Elizabeth Ostertag (USA)