Indie Short Fest


What happens when everything has been said and there is nothing left to say? 
This movie is about a break up, about how you look at someone you loved so much for the last time, how you touch each other for the last time. 
A couple trapped in wooden cottage, will try to work their couple out and make it through the mist. 
Directed by Candice Mechaly and Philippe Gray (Switzerland)

The Precious and The Damned

A mafia-drama surrounding the life of Michael Serafanti and his first days out of prison after a twenty one year stretch for non-violent drug related crimes. Can you say The Godfather Meets The Twilight Zone?
Directed by Nathan Karimi (USA)

Too Far, Too Far

Sufang works in the city, she goes back home village to visit her son and mom after a year, then she just knows that her son was drowned in the river along the village few months ago….
Directed by Xuwen Andy Yan (China)


Torn between her family and her future, a woman must decide if life is more valuable than loyalty. Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, “Her” is tasked with taking the life of her child’s father. “He” tries to seduce his way out of the mess he’s created for everyone after stealing money from their crime boss (her Father). Based on the oath he took, he knows his punishment is death and eventually, chooses to take his own life so that she doesn’t have to live with that. But being the woman of “Honor” that she is, she does her job. After the deed is done, she’s a wreck but falling apart is not an option.
Directed by Toni Thai Sterrett (USA)


They were BFFs, now they hardly speak. Can a cat cremation road trip save a friendship? A comedy short film about life, death and kitties.
Directed by Rob Duffield (UK)

The Hat

The sudden and inexplicable appearance of a hat pits two friends against each other with irreversible consequences.
Directed by Peter Ambrosio (USA)