Indie Short Fest

One of Many

In an overpopulated world, a man must make a decision to help a woman who has had a child illegally, or give up his marriage.
Directed by Mikel Scott Dever-O’Neil (USA)

A Most Savage Beast

After a being enthralled by her favorite movie, a young girl embarks on a quest as a matchmaker and manipulates two strangers into loving one another, with horrific consequences.
Directed by Theo Hogben (Theo Hogben)

God Bless the Cook

Chef Roslyn Spence trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, but her biggest critic remains her mother, a 94-year-old self-taught cook for Hollywood’s biggest stars.
Directed by Zoe Malhotra and Annalise Pasztor (USA)


The Man is rejected from reentering his country of residency after visiting his country of origin. Due to being a former immigrant, he is prohibited from coming back to the place where he has built his life and relationships. He is separated from his wife, the Woman, with whom he is deeply in love and has decided to share his live with. Therefore, he decides to undertake a journey by foot across the desert in order to illegally reenter the country and be reunited with his love.
Directed by Vicente Almuna (USA)


A high school girl Marlin, she is willing to sacrifice her health to acquire higher score and reputation at school, but finally ruins herself by using meds.
Directed by Jiasheng Wang (USA)


Jack, a mysterious loner, is confronted in his secluded home by an uninvited guest, one who threatens to bring the demons of his dark past crashing down on his idyllic new life.
Directed by Jesse Lin (USA)