Indie Short Fest

Time(s) To Breathe

It is about the breath. And about thoughts. It is not about how to control your thoughts, but all about to stop your thoughts controlling you.
We walk through our life, childhood, teenage years, years in which we earn money and raise our children and eventually we enter the serenity of age. That said, it is about birth and death as well.

Time(s) To Breathe takes the attentive viewer/listener on a journey, at the end of which his condition should have changed: he breathes calmer and more consciously. An exciting animated film that directly involves the viewer/listener.
Directed by Stan Adard (Switzerland)


A clown is in love with a woman who doesn’t return his love. He changes who he is and she is still not interested. He learns that being true to himself is when he is really happy.
Directed by Jordan C. Michael (USA)


In this modern world, two quirky youngsters find themselves caught up in the web. Could a chance encounter open their eyes to reality or will they continue to live their lives behind rose tinted glasses?
Directed by Cristo Fernández (Mexico)

A Congo’s Journey

This is the first documentary-film in the world in which a baby monkey tells its own story addressing the human being.

“A Congo’s Journey”, is a non-profit documentary-film that has been created by Marco G. Lerin for the Jaguar Rescue Center, located in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica, in order to give a voice to the animals and motivate the human beings towards the protection of the natural environment in which they live.
Directed by Marco G.Lerin (Costa Rica)

Tree House

When a young boy discovers an abandoned hunting stand on his family’s farm, he is provided with an escape from tensions at home. Set in Northern New York in early spring, Tree House tells the story of a child engaging with the natural beauty of the world around him.
Directed by Leslie Ann Haller and Claire Kinnen (USA)

The Lunatic

A child who “learns nursery rhymes when he speaks with two men in his head” grows up and becomes a decorated Green Beret. After one to many battles he is forced into retirement. Seeking to get lost in the crowd in New York City he finds that he hasn’t really left the war behind him.
Directed by Michael Jeremiah (USA)


Maia (late twenties) wakes in an empty room. She has been kidnapped, and her captor is toying with her – withholding food and water, bringing in items for her to use at certain times and even, for a short time, bringing her someone to talk to. Maia cannot work out why her captor is doing this. When she finally learns the shocking truth, she realises that her life, and the lives of all humans will be changed forever.
Directed by Ross Berkeley Simpson (UK)