Indie Short Fest


Set in the desolate underbelly of Houston’s societal infrastructure, Emme (Melissa Ann Taylor) and her boyfriend Kyle (Stefan Scott) set out to sell their beloved car in an effort to relieve their financial struggles. When a mysterious buyer, who goes by J (Shaquille Mathurin), requests a test drive to an undisclosed location where he would dig up a box that he had buried in the ground as his form of payment, Emme begins to suspect that there is more going on between Kyle and J than she is aware of.
Directed by Toshiki Yashiro (USA)

Dancing in the Rain

In my life, I have had several major surgeries. One of them was in 2007 when I had a major spine surgery to correct a 100 degree scoliosis, the other was in 2012 when I had limb lengthing surgery on my legs to correct some deformities and increase my height from 3 ft. to 3 ft 4.5 inches. This animation goes deeper in the emotional psyche of how I felt during those surgeries, but how I ultimately became stronger because of those surgeries.
Directed by Carolina Robledo (USA)

The Philosophy of Proyectos Tecnovo

Proyectos Tecnovo is a non-profit organization based in Bogota, Colombia, where they make handmade crafts for the home. What makes them special is they hire people with disabilities to make these crafts, but even better, they are paid above minimum wage. Claudia Gaitan de Caballero, breast cancer survivor and founder of Tecnovo, explains the importance of Tecnovo and paying her workers minimum wage and above in Colombia.
Directed by Carolina Robledo (USA)

The Faces of Proyectos Tecnovo

Part of the importance of Proyectos Tecnovo, a non-profit that employs vulnerable people, was to ensure that workers with disabilities, who were in vulnerable states, had a voice and a platform to share their story with the world. Often times, the stories of people with disabilities are told by others without disability. It is important that people with disabilities get to tell their own authentic story with their voice and that they are represented in every possible way in the media. Here is a video that shows some of the faces of Tecnovo and their perspective of working at Tecnovo.
Directed by Carolina Robledo (USA)

Zulay and Her Little Wood House

Zulay Figuroa has a mountain home in Utuado, Puerto Rico, which is in the mountainous region of the island. Originally from Venezuela, Hurricane Maria was her first hurricane she has experienced. The day after the hurricane, it took her eight hours to travel back up the mountain to see her home. In her mind, because her house was made out of wood, she thought it was going to be completely destroyed. But miraculously, when she got to her plot of land, she was surprised to see her house still standing. Unfortunately, Utuado was not prioritized in delivering supplies, and many houses were destroyed by the winds and the floods. Zulay believes the hurricane opened up people’s eyes to how the government did not help, but rather the people who supported each other during this time.
Directed by Cuquis Robledo (USA)


On September 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, causing the whole island to blackout for several months. Because of the trifecta of Hurricanes that hit North America in 2017 – Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria – the stories about the people of Puerto Rico affected by Maria were forgotten. It’s been over a year later and while most areas have recovered, there are still some areas outside of the capital of San Juan that still need help, and people’s stories need to be heard. This documentary tells different perspectives of people and tells the stories by the people from different parts of the island who were affected by the hurricane. The biggest takeaways are that Puerto Ricans are resilient people who came together to help each other and that Puerto Rico is ready for people to visit the island for tourism. The more tourism the island has, the greater the chance they have to recover from Hurricane Maria. This is the introduction video to the Maria Documentary Series.
Directed by Cuquis Robledo (USA)


What happens when everything has been said and there is nothing left to say? 
This movie is about a break up, about how you look at someone you loved so much for the last time, how you touch each other for the last time. 
A couple trapped in wooden cottage, will try to work their couple out and make it through the mist. 
Directed by Candice Mechaly and Philippe Gray (Switzerland)

The Precious and The Damned

A mafia-drama surrounding the life of Michael Serafanti and his first days out of prison after a twenty one year stretch for non-violent drug related crimes. Can you say The Godfather Meets The Twilight Zone?
Directed by Nathan Karimi (USA)

Too Far, Too Far

Sufang works in the city, she goes back home village to visit her son and mom after a year, then she just knows that her son was drowned in the river along the village few months ago….
Directed by Xuwen Andy Yan (China)