Indie Short Fest

Suicide Files

This is an inspirational account of inner city youth and their passion to play the game of basketball. Most are searching for a way out of the environments that taught them the game they love. They learn that hard work and dedication are the keys to unlock the door to success but success is not always professional basketball.

The fact is, most that dream of playing professionally, never will and that harsh reality is something they must learn to understand. It would seem that these young ball players would kill themselves to play the game. We take a look at what makes them, what breaks them and find out why they want to play the game of basketball so badly. 
Directed by Marc Brissett (USA)

The First and Last Time

For 40 years, Spoons have been one of Canada’s most successful bands, and they are still going strong. With this newest CD out, their first in nearly a decade, they visit a historical haunted mansion in The First & Last Time. Do you believe in ghosts?
Directed by Peter Sacco (Canada)

Few Hours in Athens

When a young man’s grandfather dies, he returns to Greece. On the last day of his trip, in Athens, he meets Ellie. They decide to spend his remaining hours together, but as time goes by, it becomes more difficult for them to say goodbye.
Directed by Ari Papargyropoulos (Greece)

101 Knocks

After his mother’s death, a distanced son and father are brought back together to rekindle their relationship.
Directed by Alkiviadis Tzortzoglou (USA)

Dimensional Travel

This is a branded short film about an existential thinker, journeying through the scenic canyons of Gunnison, Colorado. He ponders about the possibilities of dimensional travel, where his reflective self-consciousness, presented in the form of a Native Indian shaman, utters a prophecy of hope for our, yet perishing, Mother Earth.
Directed by Raymond Edwards (USA)

Good Kid

Rookie Cop Alphonso Waters is put into a difficult position after his partner, Medina, takes a routine traffic stop too far.
Directed by Jordan Parrott (USA)

See You Soon

When a pair of lonely homeschooled penpals try to meet in person, they struggle through fear, miscommunication, and freak accidents that keep them apart until they realize they must come out of their shells to continue their relationship.
Directed by Eleanor De Fer (USA)