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In Progress

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Luke, a young musician, is struggling through a creative block and can’t seem to write his next song. His roommate Jake, a nursing student, comes home from work with a stack of their mail. Some of which contain past-due mail for Luke. As Jake heads to bed, Luke attempts to look at the mail but ignores it to find some soggy pizza. In a desperate attempt to find inspiration, he turns on the TV but later falls asleep.

He wakes up in a large grass field with no one else around. Lost and confused, he turns and looks around his environment to understand what is going on. As he turns back around, he’s transported into a busy environment with everything moving so fast. He takes a deep breath and is able to notice the little things in everyday life. Luke finds beauty in peace and chaos.

Luke is then shaken awake by Jake who is heading out to work. As Jake turns on the lamp, Luke looks at his notebook with an idea in mind.

Directed by Katelyn Lexant (USA)

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