Doctor Harriet's Four

Doctor Harriet’s Four

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Doctor Harriet, a well known TV presenter is under pressure to find a new topic for her next show. Her assistant Inge has been tasked with finding suitable “subjects”. These are people who feel the need and have an urgent desire to change their lives. They are given the opportunity to attain this through realising their dreams, and they are therefore easily manipulated. Doctor Harriet presents them with a challenge that seems impossible to achieve. Will they find ways to accomplish this mission? Will Doctor Harriet prove that manipulation should be given a chance? “Laughter is an instant vacation” (Milton Berie). This is precisely what the films wants to offer viewers, leading them through a world of shortcomings, desires, difficulties, mishaps and dreams. The film displays the drama and seriousness of life through its flip side – comedy.

Directed by Lukas Metjes (Germany)

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